More Info on Serial & Style Numbers

  1. More Info on Serial & Style Numbers
    I was looking for some more information on the serial numbers through the forum. As the search facility is out at the moment i looked through some eBay giudes and found this.

    Interpreting Styles & Registration numbers:

    You can look up Coach style #'s from an online database known as the drilldown page. The website is maintained by Coach & offers photos of most styles from the past few years, including limited editions.

    Here is the drill down. Simply change the last 4 digits to the style number you wish to see.

    take out the "9236" and enter the bag code you want.

    Employees are trained to detect authentic Coach, but if a store mgr. can't confirm the authenticity of an item valued over $125, you may be directed to complete some forms & ship it directly to Coach's Counterfeit dept in NY to receive a certificate of authentication.

    Serial numbers found on Coach creeds, now called registration numbers, usually contain 3-4 characters (number/letter combo) followed by the style number that is three to five characters long. Example: Registration number F06S 8A16 is assigned to a large suede hobo bag that was made for the factory stores. The first group of numbers contains the year that the item was made. In this example, the "6" in F06S represents the year 2006. The second group of numbers is the style number, Style 8A16 The attached UPC tag will read FS8A16 if sold at a factory store, or simply 8A16 if from a Coach retail store ame=BUYGD:CAT:-1:LISTINGS:1

    here is the rest of the guide, i found it really helpful. The original lister is fionaflyby and her info seems spot on and really helpful. I just wanted to share it! I have emailed her and she has given me permission to reproduce this information. Enjoy!!

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  2. Thanks for posting this info - very helpful! This should probably be in the FAQ section of the reference library, I think. :yes:
  3. Fiona's guide is excellent, I've recommended it before. Unfortunately many of the eBay guides I've looked at are completely useless and give incorrect and very misleading information, so please be very careful with any guides you find on eBay or anywhere else on the Internet. I've even seen guides written by known fakes sellers where they distort or leave out information that might cast suspicion on their own listings. Ask here if you're not sure about the information.

    Just remember that Coach keeps changing how many digits are in the serial number - new bags have five digits in the first part and can have as many as 6 in the second if the bag was made for the Facory Stores. So always keep in mind that guides are just that - guides - and things can change. There are no rules that cover every situation, and for every recognized "rule" there's probably at least one exception.
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  4. Hyacinth, i totally agree with you.

    I am new to coach and this info has been really helpful :smile: I am a code person, i've had alot of LV in the past and love working out their "Birthdays" lol how sad am i??
  5. WOW!!!! Now I finally can crack the Coach code... the LV one is easy! But I could never figure out how to do that with the Coach Creed!!

    Thank you so much nickyvintage!
  6. It's not sad at all, how do you think I figured out what the first digits in the Coach serial numbers mean? ;)

    And I'm on the fringes of the car business, I deal with serial numbers and equipment and build codes all day long. I used to figure them out by myself until the manufacturers made the code lists available. :lol:
  7. Is it possible for two bags to have the exact same serial number on the creed? Let's say two amethyst Bridgits... could the both have the exact same number on the creed? I don't mean style number because obviously that would be the same, I'm referring to the part before the style number. TIA!
  8. Yes, if they were manufactured at the same time and place they would have the same numbers.
  9. How likely is it that one person would have two bags with identical numbers?
  10. very likely since they don't make one bag at a time.
  11. Yup, the serial numbers are not unique.
  12. I wasn't sure where to post this question. I have read that the letters on the serial number of the bag represents the month the bag was made. But what would "M" stand for? Shouldn't it only go from "A" to "L"?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. M is December. Coach skips over the letter I.
  14. Oh, okay that makes sense now! I have a bag with a P at the end of the serial number. Does that mean it's a pilot bag?
  15. ^^ Yup, P at the end of the style number means it's a pilot bag.