More Info on Golden Ratio Clinic

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  1. Hi Everyone, ( Sorry, this is very long. You might want to skip this if you're looking for info on clinics that do big dramatic makeovers..)

    Golden Ratio recently update their website with new fixed prices (now lists prices for all procedures including eyes/ nose...) and thought I would share. i've been researching other clinics but seem to keep coming back to golden ratio and everm. First, i thought golden ratio didn't do lifting, but looking at their price, i noticed they do face lifting!! This clinic is definitely on my short list. I wanted to share some observations with you about this clinic that are different ( in a good way from other clinics that i researched on the web. This is for people who are interested in getting a natural subtle results, not a dramatic makeover.

    1. They publicly post all of their FIXED prices of their procedures on their website with certification to prove it. They seem to take pride in this, and that means no haggling or fear of being overcharged for customers, especially us- non korean natives.

    2. If you look at their homepage where clinics show case their best work, golden ratio has a VIDEO ( not photoshopped pictures) of average looking people with natural looking results. They don't look like knock-outs or a "cinderella- makeover". they look just like themselves but better. I really respect this because it communicates the doctors approach to surgery and he is not selling unrealistic expectations.

    3. If you look at their before and after page, the lighting for both the before and after photos is the same. The photos do not look touched up, and their faces are not photo-shopped to look smaller and their skin isn't air-brushed unlike other clinics.

    I think we've all seen our share of all those amazing before and after photos on other websites, especially the big clinics where everyone looks like a supermodel in their after pics. and their faces are shrunken w/ photoshop and their skin look flawless. This turned me off because it is so deceptive just to draw people in, setting people up for impossible expectations and disappointment when their own afters don't look as good.

    4. It states on their website that the doctor will turn people down for any facial contouring procedures that he thinks are unnecessary base on the 3Dscan and his professional expertise/ philosophy ( natural, balanced look). This is very reassuring because some of the clinics seem to turn out extreme looking people that look fake.

    5. The doctor has excellent credentials ( I posted a webclip of his credentials on another post under the Post Prices Thread). He is certified, has an MD and phD in his field, is/was a professor of plastic surgery at Seoul University and got his experience working at some big clinics before branching out on his own.

    6. He's the only doctor at his clinic, so no fear of doctor switching...

    To me, alll the above to be are signs of an honest clinics, or at least a clinic that is making a huge attempt at being honest to their customers. This is refreshing and reassuring. This clinic is on top of my short list.

    Anyway below is the my rough translation of the pricing page for goldenratio ( i apologize in advance if there are any mistakes because my korean isn't very good..)


    • two-jaw: $8500 (not including any follow up braces/dental work)
    • protruding upper lip fix: $7000 (variation on two-jaw)
    • mandible (jaw) reduction: $4000
    • cheekbone reduction: $4000
    • protruding chin: $3500

    • mandible + cheekbone: $6400
    • mandible + chin shave + cheekbone: $7400
    • v-line : $6000
    • mandible + chin (cutting/ repositioning) + cheekbone: $8000

    • eyes: $500- 2500
    • nose: $2500- 3500
    • liposuction: $200- $8000
    • fat graph: $1300- $1500
    • silicon implant to forehead and other?: $1000-$2000
    • breast implants: $4000-$6000
    • breast reduction: $6000- $7000
    • hair transplant: $3000-$4000
    • dimple surgery: (one side or both) $300- $600
    • face lift: $4000- $6000
    • filler/ botox: $69- $200
    Website Links:

    PLEASE... I AM NOT IN ANY WAY AFFILIATED W/THIS CLINIC. I'm just like everyone else here trying to get/ share information... I hope this is helpful!
  2. WOW!! this was so much helpful :heart: Ur the best! If I find any new info on this clinic, then I'll post here!

    But I am a little concerned by their prices which is ironic. The prices seem too good to be true! Sometimes cheaper is not always better. I hope his prices aren't low because he is desperate for clients since he has a bad reputation or maybe because he just opened his clinic which is why the costs are lower....but this is just a guess though.
  3. wait, why does Golden ratio tell u that they do not do lifts for zygoma reduction, but offer face lifts??...thats ironic....Have you contacted them about the lift + zygoma reduction??
  4. Hi Madea,
    I wondered about the low prices too, but then since he is not working for a big clinic, which probably takes a portion of the doctor's/ surgery fees, I think he can afford to charge less. after all, he's the only doctor there so he gets all the money! but, you're right to be cautious; i'll keep researching him/ clinic, but i really doubt the seoul university would hire him if he had a bad reputation?

    my concern is that he seem so young- or at least looks young, so i'm wondering how much experience he's had. in terms of 2-jaw surgery, his website has only two pages of photos, but for facial contouring he's got a lot more like 8 pages. even though i wish he had more experience like 20 years worth :smile: because more experience = higher chance of good results, the fact that he owns his own clinic is a built in incentive for him to do a good job and be extra conscientious about his work so that he can grow his business; and in korea as else where word of mouth can make or break a business...
  5. that was my mistake... it turns out they do lifting for cheekbones, forehead, lower face, but i didn't think they did because i wasn't reading the website correctly ( my korean is very basic!!) i haven't reached out to them yet, but since their prices are posted publicly, i feel like i know exactly what i'm getting into financially if i go with them. if nothing else, i am definitely going for a consultation.

    i wish i had saved the webpage, but everm like golden ratio, used to post their prices publicly and i remember it was about $10,000, so i don't know why you were quoted more. this kind of thing is such a turn off and makes golden ratio look so much better to me. anyway, the only good thing is that the prices are apparently negotiable at everm. based on makeover who if you read her posts paid $18,000 for 2 jaw surgery, cheekbone reduction and mandible reduction if i remember correctly. i think she got a great price, but when they keep changing prices on you, it creates doubt about their motives...
  6. Thanks for the info. I actually emailed the doctor at Golden clinic and he responded the next day in English. So you can assume the Doctor knows decent english.

    So you can go there without any translation needed.
  7. Wow! this is great news. Thanks for sharing :]
  8. thank you for the info. the prices ar egood but i don't think there's anything suspicious. i think based on everything you said he is probably a good doctor bc of his credentials. but some drs that operate alone and do subtle style are not the best doctors but good enough to do subtle changes, they won't risk dramatic changes and he succeeds because he doesn't try more than he can handle. it's not uncommon for surgeons with "subtle" style. some prefer it because they genuinely think it's best for the patient, some i think prefer it because the less you change the less you can do wrong... haha. but maybe this dr just thinks it's good for the patient. it's not a bad thing, it's good for those who want subtle results as long as the dr does what he does well.

    it may be silly but i don't trust any clinics with "gold" in their name... i think one bad clinic had "gold" in its name, but i'm not sure if i remember that correctly but that's the reason i'm sure... whenever i read about clinics where people died or got paralyzed or got an infection and then died bc they used the same anaesethetic for several people and it wasn't kept sterile and they all died, i always try to look "gold" in the hospitals' name (sometimes the name is not shown in the article, they show the sign of the clinic but it's blurred so you have to match syllables based on what you can see of the name... haha) but i think it makes sense... wonjin... really should be spelled 元金... money money money... no heart, just want money!
  9. That makes a lot of sense... I guess it's more reason to know what you want (natural subtle vs. dramatic) and find the right doctor who can give you what you want... this is why i think it's so important for the doctor to offer you a "preview" of your results so that both patient and doctor are on the same page.

    just a quick observation about male korean doctors and korean males in position of power (boss, principal, etc.) in general. some korean males of a certain generation ( ages 40+) are somewhat authoritative and they expect certain respect from those younger than they are and especially from females. so i'm not surprised when i read how some of the females here who went for consultation to some of the korean clinics experience what they perceived as rude dismissive attitude from certain doctors. in korea, this is a given. if you choose to go to this type of doctor, they are not interested in what you want, they think they know what's best for you and will do it whether or not you agree.

    I don't want to scare anyone, but i've seen this happen so many times, and in fact, some people prefer this type of doctor. these are people who are not sure of what they want and turn over their decision making to the doctor and his expertise and the funny thing is, i think this works out for the most part if the the doctor knows what he is doing.

    but, on the other hand, if you choose a doctor like this and there is something specific you want done (ex. a certain type of nose) and he doesn't agree with you, he'll just do what he thinks is right. actually now that i think about it, this seems to happen w/ males and some females who have achieved a certain level of success in their field. i remember years ago, going with my sister to a very renowned hair stylist ( he was korean and i'm guessing 40+). my sister brought a picture from a magazine of the color and style of hair that she wanted. make long story short, she got maybe 65% of what she ask-- the color was different and so was the cut. but ironically, it suited her better and less damaging to her hair. this guy just did it, and did not bother to give an explanation but it worked out..

    again, this is just my experience/ observation but i think if you ask korean people about this, they would agree with me. not sure if this is true in other asian countries, but i think it's something to take into consideration.
  10. thanks! this will make communication easier since i'll probably end up going there unless i find a better clinic...

  11. From his website photos they seem likely real and not photoshoped. They look really noticible with the changes. You can see the changes in the face shape, but they look like the same person.

    Maybe if they gave the patients makeup and styled their hair in the after it will look like the dramatic changes on different websites.
  12. no this is true, what you say is completely true. it is a given in korean society, but not every dr chooses to use that "priveledge" of looking down on everyone, some are more open to listen to your wishes but of course they expect respect. but a dr who has no opinions and doesn't correct you and tell you when you wish for stupid things i would never trust! a dr who wants no respects deserves no respect and no money either. it's PS, not a buffet... i would never trust a dr who doesn't disagree with anything.

    i know very well what i want from some things but i'm not sure, maybe i would prefer the type of dr who just does what he thinks is best for you for other things haha. i will have to think about it. i think "if i want to change it 100% but i don't know how i want it to look 100% then let the dr decide" bc it's better than not having the surgery! it works for people who think "anything" is better than what they have now i think :smile: but not "anything" wrong from a bad dr but from a dr that has lots of experience and a very good eyes for aesthetics. fortunately if you're artistic in any way i think it's easy to judge if a dr has a sense of aesthetics. just look around his office, his manners, how he dresses and so on... show him pictures and see his reaction. you'll know if he has an understanding of aesthetics or not!
  13. Got another email from the Doctor saying the prices are fixed no questions or changes. I plan on consulting there in March so we'll see.
  14. I emailed the doctor and got a response as well. He can do multiple procedure (facial contouring or 2-jaw along w/lifting all in one go) but does not use Osteo-Trans- dissolvable screws because he says they are not strong enough. He seems very knowledgeable, so I'm going to have to research this. Kind of upset because I thought Osteo- Trans was better than titanium and golden ratio would use them. oh well- back to research...
  15. Hey Paxsky,

    Can I have their email, so I can email them my questions.