more inclusion rings coming out? i hope so!

  1. anyone know if there will be more inclusion rings coming out? my store is sold out, and the other store only has the clear inclusion. i was hoping for color.
  2. Red is suppose to be coming Feb 1, but inclusion has a habit of being and get on the list if you're really interested ;)
  3. thank you! i will make sure to ask them about it when i drop in tomorrow. :heart:
  4. How much are they? Is there a picture of them that I can see?
  5. I can't wait for the red to come out! Have you tried looking for a Berry Inclusion ring? I think those might still be around. Last Friday when I was at the boutique, they even had the old pink PM bracelet! I was so tempted to snatch it up...but I don't need two! :push:
  6. I hope so too!
  7. one store i went to had no inclusions, and the other only had a clear! :sad: i will wait for the red, that sounds really pretty!
  8. Do a search in the forum and you'll find both answers to your question ;)
  9. Is a red inclusion ring being produced? I have seen the look book and they show a bracelet, but not a ring.
  10. oh no! i hope it is. a girl mentioned earlier in the post that a red inclusion was coming out, and my post is primarily about rings, so i assumed this is what she meant. i am going to be sad if it doesnt come out. :confused1:
  11. I've seen the preview sheet with the red bracelet, no idea about the ring though. I'm hoping they make both...I need the set! :nuts:
  12. Lovely.
  13. Me too, I was hoping no one else noticed :roflmfao:
    I've been on the list for a few weeks now. :graucho: