More Hermes scarf goodies!

  1. I have been on a mission to find more Hermes pocket squares and Twillys - they have the cutest patterns right now! :yes:

    On my trip to Vancouver 3 weeks ago I got a un Jardin sur le Nil Twilly and a pocket square.

    Sorry about the wrinkles on the Twilly - I wore it to work the other day with my tribord scarf ring.

  2. [​IMG]

  3. I don't know the name of this pocket square - anyone know?

  4. [​IMG]

  5. Honu! It's beautiful!!!!! Don't you just love those little round orange boxes????
  6. PADDOCK! I have the exact same one in this same color-way! I LOVE it! Design by Clerc. I love all his designs!
  7. Honu I LOVE your twilly!!! I got the same one in the green, and I really love it! Beautiful pocket square too.
  8. This is the scarf that I got yesterday in SF while drooling over the diamond croc birkin

    I believe this is the Jeux D'Ombre

  9. [​IMG]

  10. [​IMG]

    The SA that helped me (I don't know his name) says this is the Caleche pattern

  11. Love that one too! WOW! And did you go to NM men's department to check out their pocket squares???? That's where I bought my flying Eiffel tower pouchette that looks FANTASTIC on my Caramel Chevre Kelly!!!!
  12. shopmom411: Thanks for letting me know the name of the scarf! PADDOCK...
    I was sneaking looks around the store for anyone who looked like a PFer... were you in the store this weekend? :graucho:
  13. Unfortunately I was unable to go do any Hermes or Chanel sightings yesterday. I met with my friends who are crazy about diamonds and only snuck away when they were drooling over the bling at Shreeves! :rolleyes:
  14. shopmom411: Ooooooh! :nuts: I should check out the NM Mens department - what does your Eiffel tower pouchette look like?
  15. I'll post pics but it's got a very swooshy Eiffel Tower in the center with smaller ones at the points. Love it! Has such movement!