More Help ... 05 v 06 v 07 Black City


Which Black City should I buy (all the same price)

  1. s/s 05, pre-loved but in great condition from a private/trusted source

  2. s/s 06, BNWT from a private/trusted source

  3. ??? 07, BNWT from a Nordies, five to choose from and completely returnable

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  1. Ok gals, I am in dire need of your expert opinions and personal preferences here!!!

    I am on the brink of buying one of the following:

    1. S/S 05 black city, great condition
    2. S/S 06 black city, BNWT from a private party
    3. ??? 07 black city, from Nordies, SA says he can pick a good one for me
    All three bags are the same price. Obviously the first two are non-returnable, while the last one is and there are 5 to choose from.

    Please please please help me choose! :yes:
  2. Definitely the '05...the leather is so yummy on the '05 bags!
  3. I would go for the 05 leather if it is in a great condition, not treated, fair price, trustworthy seller.:yes: I still like the 05 leather better.:drool:
  4. I have been nutting on this all darn day!!!

    I have been reading up and down the threads (and thanks to all that responded on the leather commentary, it was very helpful).

    Pippop, I have heard the 05 leather, esp s/s, is spectacular, true??
  5. It's in great condition, corners look lovely. It's also the same price as BWNT. :shrugs:

    Perfect seller for sure.

  6. Another vote for the 05. Not only is the leather amazing, but the color is a dark, rich, super-saturated black. I haven't seen anything like it in the 06 or 07s.
  7. I have a F/W 06 black city with spectacular leather but if the 05 is in great condition, I would vote for the 05
  8. Another vote for '05...the earlier leather is sooo different! I personally much prefer it. I spent months hunting for an '04 Black City mainly for the way it slouches and looks more matte...I think it looks great that way. But many prefer the new shiny leather so to each his/her own:smile:
  9. I agree! 05' for sure.:yes:
  10. I would go with being able to pick it myself...personally I like being able to scrutinize my purchase but that's just me...
  11. I'd go with the '05.
  12. Me too!

    Sadly none of my local options have black city's in stock. The Nordies in Sac has five that the SA is willing to sort through and hand pick one for me. That's about the closest I can get :shrugs:

  13. Why not call BalNY and ask them to e-mail you pics and if you like it then you can get it. This is what i do every time and i trust my SA and she always sends me a nice one.:love:
  14. That is a great idea.

    Scary part: the SAs don't seem that friendly from what I have read here :shrugs: I read about the damaged twiggy and the SA rejection, plus the SAs being snappish about the calls for pre-ordering spring colors :confused1:

    If your SA would be open to that though, I'd love her name!!

  15. My SA is XXXXX and she is wonderful.:tender: I never had any problems with XXXXXXXare nice too.:smile:

    Please do not post SA's names on the open forum. Use the PM feature.