more handbags....shoulder candy

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  1. Here are some pics of my collection. It is a modest collection but, I love it nonetheless. In my collection I have three Gucci bags which I love. Chocholate brown guccissima shopper, dark blue hobo with the stripes and the smaller red Gucci from the cruise collection. My two Prada's are my staples. The black one is from the couture collection. The small tan one is funky and fun. Also in my collection I have a gold metallic by Juicy!!! MJ is a great one very casual. My hot pink bag is from dh got it for me is North Carolina along with a black coach leather wallet which I love. My LV I got off of ebay.

    :yes: :yes: :yes:
    2006_0729_205211AA.JPG 2006_0729_210527AA.JPG 2006_0729_210950AA.JPG 2006_0729_211259AA.JPG 2006_0729_212103AA.JPG
  2. Thanks for posting!
  3. Gucci Gal... You already know I love :heart: all your Gucci bags but your Prada's are fabulous too! And you pink Coach is tooo cute!! You have a really SWEET collection, all really nice styles & different colors! Thank you for sharing!! :flowers:
  4. your collection is very pretty
  5. Lovely collection. I love your dark blue Gucci!
  6. Love the mj especially, I´m getting mine soon :biggrin: The red Gucci one, drooling here!
  7. Lovin' all the Gucci's!
  8. Oooh I love the Guccisimma, it's so feminine and pretty !
  9. guccci gal, you have some beautiful bags! LOVE all of your Gucci bags!!!:love:
  10. :smile: Nice, thanks for sharing.
  11. Thank you ladies. I want to add possibly two bags to my collection so, I came to this site and now I am overwhelmed with all the great bags that you ladies have. Now I simply cannot decide. Orginally I thought that I would like to get an anniversary Gucci and the meduim gucci Britt but, after seeing so many other lovely bags I am torn. Chanel has some nice bags for fall and so does Prada and Burberry. While at Holt's in Montreal last week I checked out a few bags but, could not decide. Right now I think I want a bag that stands out and screams style yet is classic enough that it wont be out of style next season. For now I am researching rather than buying impulsively and then wishing I had a different or better handbag. Don't you hate it when you buy a handbag and then see something you like more and wish that you had looked around. This site is giving me that oportunity. I want to pick my fall bags soon and will post then once I go shopping in MTL.

    Lately I have noticed that most women do not carry designer handbags. I can spot a beautiful handbag a mile away. Handbag lovers are a rare breed glad to be one!!!!!!!
  12. Very nice collection ... especially love the black and tan Prada bags!

    It's true in Canada that not many women carry designer handbags but in the US (I was in Las Vegas and LA for two weeks), I saw a lot of women with their beautiful bags that it made me nostalgic for mine.
  13. i love your small but simple collection its beautiful
    and i cant wait to see which two you decide to buy for fall!
    and i know that my mom doesnt carry designer bags
    she has one coach bag that we cant share bc its to old for me
    but she doesnt know about any designer of anything
    bc she works so much and doesnt know how to work a computer
    haha so i have to balance her out and tell her about designers
    i just taught her balenciaga but she doesnt like them ):
  14. beautiful guccis!!
  15. nice collection!