More Gustto bags....

  1. Gustto is having new shipment in on March 6th if anyone missed the last one and still want a Gustto bag.

    is located at:
    261 W. 36th Street – 2nd Floor
    (betw. 7th & 8th Ave)
    New York, NY 10018

    March 6 & 7 from 10pm-6pm.
  2. OMG lol..Thank you!
  3. I wish....but I'm in Florida, dang it!
  4. oohhhh aimeez maybe youll find the Baca of your dreams GET THERE AT 930! tues morning!!!

    thanks Baby k always on top of things ;)
  5. i just made a purchase off Shopbop for a elisa atheniese bag
    because i coudlnt get the big baca this week..

    i doubt they will have the big baca there because they've been selling only the mediums..
  6. but since i've made a purchase this month already .. next month i'll probably purchase the baca off revolve.

    and skip out on the sample sale...

    hope everyone else finds what they're lookin for though!!
  7. bessie did u go to the sample sale this week?
  8. aimeezz what does the bag you ordered look like!! :smile: post a pic, i tried to go to Shopbop to see it, but it wasnt there,,, maybe you got the last 1 but i want to see!! :smile:

    and no :sad: I didnt go to the sale because i am either going to buy a chanel cambon off a friend (but its the petite size so i dunno if its too small) or i am going to save and order the kooba elisha in red i am IN LOVE with it have you checked it out!!!

    cant decide what to do, what do you thiNK! opinion hehe thanks aimeezz
  9. Again? :nuts: I finally managed to go today. Wanted a large cream Baca, they only had the smaller ones and they looked terrible. All was not lost however, I walked out with a red Gustto tote, no idea what the name is, but it's gorgeous.
  10. POST A PICTURE!!!!!!!!!! :smile: I am dying to see !!!
  11. Believe it or not, you've just met the only person on the planet who does not own a camera. I'll try to describe it, since I can find a picture online. It's a tote, looks a little like the Parina, it's also a north-south shape, narrower on top than at the bottom. It also has the big gold ring like the Baca. Beautifull dark, cherry red.
  12. haha :smile: thats funny! you are right you are prob. the only person i know who doesnt have a camera-girl go get yourself one you must have needs for a camera time to time :smile:
    But either way i am going to google the name of the bag i am determined to find it! :smile:

    CHeck out my collection of bags (link at the bottom) and look at by gustto baca, is that the color red that yours is? cause if it is TELL ME ITS NOT THE BEST RED YOU HAVE EVER EVER SEEN!! i adore the color of my baca, let me kno!
  13. [​IMG]

    This was the bag i brought off Shopbop... but my heart still belongs to the baca bag lol
  14. i say go for the kooba :]
  15. I love the Baca style!!!