more gucci bags

  1. 2 more bags to add to my simple collection...:heart:
    got a shoes to go with them but cant find it anywhere now..i'll post it when i find it:shrugs:
    guc11.jpg guc22.jpg gucc33.jpg guccb.jpg
  2. Very nice solitair. Can't wait to see more pics of shoes!
  3. wow, i love the second! :heart:
  4. Oooh I love the first one, so cute !
  5. COngrats!:smile: I love both :heart: :heart: :heart:
  6. thanx to all of u ...ur so kind gucci girls:love:

    :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  7. Love the 2nd! CONGRATS!! Is that the black patent leather version?
  8. Love the wave bag!! It's one of my favs....
  9. Oh, I like it!!! I want to see the shoe pics! I bet they are gorgeous.
  10. I LOVE the wave bag too! Awesome choice! Can't wait to see the pics of your shoes too! :love:

    Went perusing at Gucci on Friday night and lots of eye candy!!! :drool:
  11. :P I love the first one! Can you take pics of you wearing them? Congrats!
    :heart: Emmy
  12. sharbear508

    oh im so in love with it that i carry it all the time:heart:
    and yes..its velvet with patent leather
    thanx for coming:flowers:

    glad u liked it..i wasnt sure:upsidedown: ..thanx alot:flowers:

    thanx alot...i'll post pics soon:flowers:
  13. jadecee

    i'll post pics soon...i really like them , wore them all the time in my honeymoon and didnt take them off:upsidedown:
    thanx for coming:flowers:

    i'll do that soon...promis:upsidedown:
    thanx for coming:flowers:
  14. :yahoo: Congrats for your new awesome babies :nuts:
    I love both of them, especially the second one :love:
    Also, I wanna see the pics when you carry them ;) pleassssssssse, solitair :flowers:
  15. sandy

    thanx alot for ur kind words...:flowers:
    i'll post pics soon...promise:upsidedown:
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