More great sale bags from Nordstrom....

  1. These are some more great sale bags from Nordstrom Seattle. If you need to order call:

    Peggy Urban
    Designer Specialist
  2. a few more....
    MVC-013S.JPG MVC-015S.JPG MVC-016S.JPG
  3. Mona, these are some great deals! Kudos to you for the fancy info (I take it you did that)!!
  4. Mona, Thank you so much for posting!
  5. That is so great how she takes photos of the bags with the prices! Thanks for sharing. I love the black Chloe and the silver Ferragamo.
  6. :goodpost:So sweet of you to post Mona! You are one fabulous PF'er:queen:!!!!
  7. I LOVE that ferragamo!
  8. Awesome - Thanks, Mona! Can anybody make out the price on the Burberry? I can read the rest, but that one has me :confused1::confused1::confused1:. Thanks!
  9. Looks like $422.90
  10. looks like $422.90 to me.
  11. No problems everyone....enjoy the great deals and if not just the pics....

    That Burberry is one heck of a deal!!!
  12. wow, nice. thanks for sharing w/ us!!!

    too bad i can't buy more stuff....that Ferragamo is cute!
  13. mmmhmm. thanks for sharing. wish i can fork over money i dont have around for that black chloe!
  14. OMG! Great post! Thanks!
  15. Wow, that Ferragamo is a STEAL!!

    Too bad I just spent money on 2 bags!