More great accessories from the outlet!

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  1. I had a great find yesterday. The LEGACY scarf!:yahoo: Plus a lot of the winter accessories have been marked down again!
  2. Ahhh! I love that scarf!
  3. Wow!!! You got some awesome goodies!!! Congrats!
  4. Oh wow....that Legacy scarf is cute and it looks so warm!!
  5. Very cute!!!
  6. i love the ergo cosmetic case &heart locket keyfob!
    i saw the locket last week at my outlet, i shouldve got one.
  7. I love it all. I want to get my hands on that ponytail scarf. I just love the colors.
  8. Same here on all accounts!
  9. How much was the cosmetic case? It's so cute!
  10. I think it was around $55.00 ?? with the discount. Not sure if it's a keeper, it's a little small for me:confused1:
  11. I'm totally jealous of all your finds, they are all so gorgeous! I might steal your legacy scarf and ponytail scarf if you look away too long!
  12. Awesome accessories!
  13. :nuts:OMG!!!!!!!! I LOVE ALL of it!!!!!! Everythings so beautiful and cute!!!! LOVE that cosmetic case!!! And those scarves are TDF!!!! And now you have all kinds of cute little keyfobs to decorate your bags with! Congrats and thanks for sharing!!!
  14. Thanks girls, you are ALL so sweet!:flowers:
  15. I,too, :heart:love:heart: it all!
    Oh how I wish I lived closer to the outlet!!:hysteric: :crybaby:

    Fluffy, may I ask what the scarf is made of?