More Grass Green lovin!

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  1. i ventured into the world of balenciaga accessories today, getting my first coin purse in the grass green:



    i wish i had a better camera than the one on my camera phone right now, but this color is simply beautiful!! I'd say it's a mix between apple green and 06 emerald, kind of like the perfect mix, more eye popping than emerald but less loud than apple green!:wlae:

    i also was able to see some other colors at BalNY, the vermillion color is VERY red, i didn't see any orange undertones as others have said there is - im seriously considering getting a vermillion courier (must resist!). The leather on the bags i felt seemed very similar to the dry fall 06 leather, and some i saw were even veiny, so overall im not too excited about this seasons leather. Have yet to feel an 04 or 05, but hoping Balenciaga produces fall 07 bags with thick and squishy leather so i can see what all the fuss is about!! :yes:
  2. OOh I love it!! Where did you get it?

    Is there a keychain attachment on it? or is that something you added?
  3. It is so cute you are making me to have one.:graucho:
  4. you guys got nice grass greens. I was at Barney's BH today, and the grass green bags there were HORRIBLE. All spotty with white. Terrible.
  5. mpark46 - thank you! i got it at BalNY, and the chain didn't come with the purse unfortunately. I'm using my LV coin purse as a credit card divider/key holder :P

    nanaz - thanks! it really is cute. you wont get much discouragement on these forums if you're thinking of buying one too :graucho:

    cuteusername - i agree not all the grass greens are pretty, very specifically all the veiny ones. then again im not really a fan of the veiny look on any color :yes:
  6. WoW! I can even tell from the dark photo that the leather is beautiful! Congratulations, it's the cutest coin purse. I hated grass green when I first saw it but it's really growing on me... I can see myself pulling out a grass green compagnon from my ink first to pay for a marine city...
  7. Same here. Balenciaga really needs to have more consistent quality control, I think.

    Oh, you guys w/ your grass greens are torturing me! They look so lovely that I'm dreaming about mine already :smile:
  8. Very cute! Congrats! :yahoo:
    Thanks for the heads up on the inconsistency in the leather this season. I was soooo hoping to see all lush, super thick, squishy even leather this Spring.
  9. :love: That's TOOOOOOO cute!!!
  10. Congrats!! the leather on the bag is really gorgeous :smile:
  11. that coin purse is TDF!!
  12. Congrats!!! Your Grass green coin purse is just gorgeous. I think I need a coin purse:graucho:
  13. Beautiful! I love the bright colors on small accessories. You won't lose that inside your bag!
  14. yay! congrats!

    Isn't grass green TDF? I can't stop looking at my bag
  15. Congrats DB! The coin purse in that color is so nice! I just realized that the grass green would be a great color for men too! It probably goes really nicely with your ink and blue messengers too! But it'd probably look really Christmasy if you got the vermillon to go with it. :P