More goodies from my SA!!! Come see!!!

  1. Lisa Hamlin just sent me some more pics! Thought you would all enjoy!

    Call her at (248) 635-8442 if you are interested in anything!!!! Have fun!

    1. Black Coco Cabas $2195.00 (2050)

    2. Bronze Coco Cabas $1995.00 (2052) (also available in black)

    3. Sequin Pouchette $1995.00 (2058) (also comes in Med. Classic $2250)

    4. Chanel Pink Med. Classic in Caviar with silver chain (2072 and 2073) $1995.00
    DSC02050.JPG DSC02052.JPG DSC02058.JPG DSC02072.JPG DSC02073.JPG
  2. Great bags! Thanks for posting, I love the pink flap but pink never works for me!
  3. hmmm... pink is so tempting, i should wait for red.
  4. Those are the nicest bags!
  5. i adore the sequined one. it's super coool looking IRL
  6. pretty- thanks for sharing
  7. I'm not a big fan of pink, but the flap is nice ..
  8. Thanks for sharing with us!:smile:
  9. I like all of your posting.Thank you.:tup:
  10. She also has a Black Modern Chain E/W Tote for $2250 that is so gorgeous!
  11. Oooh, I'm really thinking this will be my next bag!
  12. i can't stop looking back at the pink flap.........must control myself.:sneaky:Too much temptation in here.
  13. Love that pink! :nuts:
  14. i love the black and bronze coco cabas