more goodies from luisaviaroma

  1. Wow, that purple is scrumptous.
  2. Patent Violet Bay available in for pre-order too.:heart::heart:
  3. Oh My!!!!! That Heloise is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!
  4. Did you see the violet quilted Bay too?? Wonder any US stores will carry them?? Anyone had ordered from luisaviaroma before? Wonder if tPFer can get quantity discount,:roflmfao:
  5. Susie ordered some boots from them and there were added expenses customs wise with shipments to the States. Not sure if it is worth it - especially at full retail. Meanwhile - the purple Heloise is stunning. The "Secret" is to focus focus focus. Just as Mona stated her desire - "This purse shall be mine" (I LOVED that - LOL!) we should all concentrate on the bag(s) that we want. Throw in that you want it at 50% off too.....
  6. FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS, OINK, OINK, That Purple Heloise will be MINE!!!! AT 50% DISCOUNT!!!....Everyone chant after me....:roflmfao::roflmfao:
    I know what I will be dreaming tonight....little violet piggies:p

    NEED HELP NOW, Susie, a bucket of cold water or wack over the head,...
  7. If you're calling on me for help?? Well whoa be to you, LOL.^^^
  8. Has anyone checked out the 2007 merchandise Sale page on LVR ? Oh dear...I wish I hadn't:nogood:.Mad bag juggling going on at this end. I had another sneaky look at the Large Patent Quilted Noir Bay that my DH bought me from Sacoche for Xmas and then I tried it on.It looks great sitting on a chair but worn over the shoulder it looks ENORMOUS - more like a piece of luggage, which I think someone else on TPF had observed at one point.I knew immediately that I'd never use it:tdown:.

    Anyway,I managed to get hold of Irene at Sacoche after many failed attempts and she kindly agreed to exchange the bag, only problem is she doesn't have the Patent Noir Quited Bay in the Medium size. She sent me photos of what she has left in the sale and the only thing I even half-liked was the Moka Rectangular Bay, so I opted for that one:s.I guess when you buy sale merchandise you have to take the no refund risk:crybaby:.

    In the meantime I decided I couldn't really justify two Moka Quilted Bays so took back the original Medium sized one I bought a month ago . I'd never used it thankfully - just gazed at it a lot:girlsigh:. I actually felt quite virtuous:rolleyes: at that point UNTIL I saw the Medium Patent Noir Quilted Bay on LVR....OMG, I bought it:push:. I
    already self-gifted with the Green Medium Patent Quilted Bay but I just desperately wanted the Noir version too ( which is why I stupidly went for the Large version from Sacoche even though I'd never seen it IRL and didn't ask Irene for the measurements).

    So now I've got the Large one waiting to go back to Sacoche, the Moka one to come once the Large one goes back and the Noir Patent on it's way from LVR. What a mess:sad:. TOTAL BAG BAN now for the forseeable future - ladies PLEASE remind me of this when I next post with my latest crush.
  9. hi there.. welcome to the PF! :flowers: authentication requests are welcomed to be posted in this thread sweetie
    many warm welcomes again :biggrin:
  10. I keep doing that Sorry:shame:, thought I was in the Chloe autentic section, one day I will get the hang of this!!!!
  11. Tag - I really feel for you. I sure hope you like the Moka rectangular Bay better than the other one. Isn't there some outlet for selling it like you sold all your old what were they bags??? Mulberries? Do not stress about the one from Luisaviaroma. If you are happy with it that is all that matters. Your guilt over this whole experience will probably serve to self ban you but even if it doesn't - WE WILL NOT JUDGE YOU!!! "Let those without sin be the first ones to cast the stones" - or something like that... I aint doin no rock casting any time soon - that's fer sure!