More goodies for me...PICS!!!

  1. Hi everyone!

    here are pics of my new goodies! :P I've aquired them over the past couple of from Let-trade, and the other, a special order from my SA (kind of...not really SO but you have to ask for it at the boutique, it took about a month to get it in):confused1: ...

    So here they are!:wlae: I guess I'll follow everyone else and make this a little guessing game!! I promise I won't drag the game on too long:graucho: ...but if you remember my last couple of should know what they are!:flowers:

  2. here's is a clue!!:flowers:

  3. Hmmm...the one on the left is some kind of clutch; I'm guessing the one that you were itching to BIN last week. The other is some sort of pochette.

    SHOW ME THE BAGS!!!!!!:hysteric:

    I'm sorry, I am terribly impatient when it comes to guessing games...I wanna see now!!

  4. Wapity and the small Pochette, don't know the exact name!

    edit: Right, you bought the small cute little Mono thing from let-trade! So forget the Wapity-thing^^
  5. That's what I'm thinking too...
  6. you both are soo right!!!
  7. you got a damier pochette as a replacement for the one in the damier marais! Those are soooo cute!

  8. you are absolutely right!!!:P danng you girls are GOOD!! and fast too!:yahoo:
  9. are the pics with Visual aides!!
  10. [​IMG]
  11. The chain is so pretty :love:
    Congrats on your new additions!
  12. That mini damier pochette is soooooo cute! How much was that again???? Was it around $200???
  13. Congrats Jamie!! :heart:
  14. and of course...must do the visual aides!:flowers:
    6r.jpg 7r.jpg 8rrrrrr.jpg
  15. So pretty!!! congrats!