More Goach than Coach?

  1. Do you think that there are more people carrying Goach (or something similar) than those who carry Coach?

    I guess I notice this at work the most. Today I had a meeting, and a woman walked in, dressed very well, looking well put together, then I noticed her Garly. It was almost like it wasn't even trying to be a real Coach, it was so bad. I know this sounds strange, but it made me question her credibility as a resourse for what we were working on.

    Last week my coworker, who I like a lot and we're getting to be good friends, said to me, "did you see my Coach? My mom bought it for me when she was on vacation for like, $20." Of course, I was speechless, as I looked at the random C's and G's on her bag. She's in a good job, and could afford the real thing, but she's proudly carrying her Goach too.

    Is it just me?
  2. I haven't seen many Fakes around me, probably cuz I've lived in snobby areas where they wouldn't be caught dead with Fakes. lol But I do come across a couple here and there but usually at places like Walmart.
  3. I think that some people are just clueless that their bags are fake...
  4. Most people probably do not even care, so I don't bother to judge them based on what they are carrying...I just save my energy to admire people that have beautiful handbags, because there are lots of those! Lots of Coach were I live, there is always some eye candy walking around!
  5. Too many to count around here!! A lot of people that I know carry Goach/Foach don't even know! I'll ask where they got it and they'll say something like "Oh my god! My friend got it for me from an NYC street vendor for like...20 dollars! What a good deal right??" I explain to them the situation and they barely even know that fake bags are even made!! It's really sad...

    But as far as the people who are proud and aware of the fake-ness of their make it more worth it for me to carry an authentic bag :p
  6. I don't really see too many fakes where I live but every once in a while I see one and it makes me sick to my stomach every time.
  7. Like the song says, "Aint nothing like the real thing, baby"!:yes:
  8. I recently saw a Goach at a Coach outlet!
  9. I saw a Doach the other day. Yep, the "C" was turned into a "D". She sure was proud of it. :p
  10. In my small town, tons of Goaches (and others like them).

    In a big city, don't see as many fakes as I do the real thing.
  11. I have seen quite a few Goach around, and many stores which sell them. However, it does specifically say on a tag on most of these bags that they are not in fact NOT Brand name (designer) bags, but rather copies of the design. So they're not exactly "fake", they're more like imitation...but honestly, it can't be that hard for a person to distinguish between a Coach and a Goach, could it? 0_o wouldn't already appear strange enough to them that the bag is $20 and being sold in a dodgy little shop somewhere?
  12. I see fake coaches everywhere and people don't really care. That is why I like carrying my leather coach bags more around where I live and shop and stuff but I know the difference ( being obsessed and all )from real and fake usually at first glance even if I don't notice the discrepancies right away there is just something off about them. Many people around here have no clue and couldn't care less.
  13. i only c fake LV here and fake prada not fake coach. they just dont sell them in canada
  14. Yeah...I agree it's a small town thing...Our small town you see a lot of Goaches...And people BRAGGING that they got a deal...The one said...Look at my FAKE COACH! Um-mm frankly I think if you want to carry a fake Coach...One could get one that is really hard to detect...Not one SCREAMING with G's all over it.:rolleyes:

    Then...Honestly...I don't think some even are aware that the G's are a cheap knock off to resemble Coach. Some people have never even HEARD the name of COACH. So...For them...Their clueless...And just love the style of the bag...They don't even "think" they got a steal for the price...Just that they got a bag they LOVE...

    For those people...I say leave them clueless...;) They're not into designer bags...And their happy in their own little world.:yes:

    But due to the fakes...I only have my first signature Coach...The rest are LEATHER! And I still am amazed when I go an hour away to shop...And woman admire each other's Signature Coaches in the restroom...And there I stand...Watching them and their CLUELESS to the styles of the leather Coach...:nogood:...I just admire their bags from afar...And inside...GLOAT a bit thinking...Awww girls...You don't really know as much as you think you do...
  15. I see a ton of Goach, but a fair amount of Coach as well. The big thing here lately is fake Chanels - I see several of those every day :push:

    It's so funny how many people think that Coach is only sig. But I think a lot of people think that Coach (or any other brand) is not worth carrying unless it's screaming "I'm a designer bag!" like it is with any sig pattern. I personally am only buying leather bags - I have a few sig bags, but I'm kind of getting away from the sig pattern.