MORE gifts for being a good intern :) *pic heavy*


i love my lobster
Jan 8, 2009
I took mrodriguez2006's advice and bought myself something else for my hard work :smile: I wasn't planning on going to gilroy on my day off but I just couldn't stop thinking about this trench coat I saw last Sunday. So, I drove from Fairfield (where the BF lives) to Gilroy to get this:

^the great american trench coat. They had one size 4 left. I got soo lucky!

^modeling pic (the red dots on my capris are lobsters-I'm a huge lobster fan)

^up close

^being a camera whore LOL (sorry for the messy house!)

^I also picked up a dog leash for Potato (she was completely unaware that I was taking pics LOL)

^and I also found this scarf since I'm so in love with legacy (Potato's awake now!)

Since I finally got a hold of a real camera (instead of my iphone), I took pics of that legacy bag I got for less than $50

^even though there is quite a few, the scratches aren't bothering me at all. I still need to order some Apple conditioner

^pic of the bottom of the bag. I really don't mind about this since no one really sees this part.

Thanks for looking!!!!


Apr 28, 2007
Gorgeous coat and scarf. You can always use some apple to give new life to the legacy bag you got, total score BTW.


~lots of love~
Feb 17, 2008
somewhere craving cupcakes
Ok, I am totally loving your dogs name!!! LOL :roflmfao: totally adorable!

Your trench looks wonderful on you!!! And once you put apple on your bag, it'll look like the scratches were never there (they aren't even that bad :P)
Jun 3, 2006
Austin, Texas
glad to be of service to ya :welcome:

i can't see your pics at work...but I'll come back tonight! way to go on the trench though.

but i'm with Yenanh00, they need to make smaller sizes...even their smaller sizes are still made very big