More Gaucho love... can you take it? My white tote

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  1. I didn't know if I should tack on to an old post or start a new one. Anyway, here's my white tote! I LOVE this bag. The style is so functional... easy to get into and the perfect size. After fiddling with the double (which I love in many ways), I have no doubt that this one is a keeper. The white in the first pic is not true... we all know that the color is not that bright. It's dingey to be sure but I have fallen in love with it. The second pic is close but still not quite right.

    Um, I still have a medium red coming.... I hope I have the strength to return that one!

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  2. The tote is cute! Does it feel heavy?
  3. It's really not too heavy at all. I'm used to much heavier!
  4. It is lovely!!!
  5. ok i was only a partial fan of the gaucho before this but your pictures of the tote has made me fall head over heels :love:

    GORGEOUS. thank you for sharing!
  6. I did not like the pics I saw of the tote, but in "real" pics it is actually quite cute! Where did you get this? How wide is it (side to side)?
  7. It's about 16"W x 10"H. I ordered from Saks in Virginia. *waves to Coug*

    thanks all!
  8. Nice! I like the tote style more now that I see someone carrying it.
  9. That is GORGEOUS!:nuts: I never saw it IRL. Your pics make it look really DESIRABLE!:nuts:
  10. Thanks! Love it!
  11. LOVE it!!!
  12. Aww.. I love it !

    All this Gaucho love is just making me itch for one.. !!
  13. Hi
    I'm new on here and passed by the gaucho tote and I love it!!! Great choice. I am looking for a new hand bag this year and can not decide between the tote or a paddy??? Any suggestions anyone??? Thanks:biggrin:
  14. Love the Tote!!!! :love: It looks absolutely fresh! I'm still waiting for my shoulder, but looking at yours, makes me want a tote now! :amuse:

    ilovetoshop: I would get the Tote. I think the Paddy pretty much is at the end of its day. (Now expecting a lightening bolt to hit me)
  15. Congrats on your new tote! Beautiful!