More fun at South Coast Plaza today...

  1. So today I ventured out to South Coast Plaza....again! But this time I wasn't trying to spend money, I was simply wait listing myself for several items such as the Bosphere messenger and backpack, groom pochette cles, damier messenger, and of course a few collector's items such as persay the miroir line. So I ended up waitlisting for the Silver and Gold Accessories pochette and the porte cles in silver and gold. I had just made it out of the store alive (as in not buying ANYTHING!), but then I saw that they were redoing their front window display with all the speedy's and lo and behold I saw the perforated speedy. No I didn't get that, but I had wanted the pochette cles in green, but thought they were gone. NOPE, and now I am one very happy owner of a green perforated pochette cles. Hope you all enjoyed my story and my cles as much as I do! :yahoo:
    green cles.jpg
  2. Congrats on your buy!
  3. Oh, congrats on your green perfo cles!!! :heart:
    I want the green so badly!!
    The small perfo items were all sold out here, but last Sat when I went into the store, they had only orange perfo cles just shipped in, and so of course I grabbed it. But I still want the green one SO badly!
  4. oooh pretty! congrats & enjoy!
  5. Congrats!!! :yahoo: Oh, I want an orange one so bad!:yes:

  6. If you're still looking for it in green, call the south coast plaza location because they have at least like 5 of the green one left! Oh and what do you think of this for a document holder for small papers?
    perfo plate.jpg
  7. Unfortunately I'm not in the USA.
    I've had friends check out LV stores in a few countries, but seems like most of the small perfo items are outta stock already! I've to look out for someone going to SoCal then! Thanks for the heads up though :yes:

    Oh definitely get the pochette plate!!! Yes, it's terrific for small documents! I'll love one in fuchsia, to store cash, passport, among others!

    ETA : May I know how much is the perfo pochette cles after tax in Calif?
  8. very cute, congrats!
  9. Congrats, it's so cool!
  10. Congrats! I have a Perfo Cles too, and love it!:yahoo:
  11. $231.66
  12. I bought the compact zippe in green and I love it (and so does everyone else when they see it!)
  13. I love it!! Enjoy!
  14. Thanks!

    That's about the same price as Singapore's $375!