More From Paypal, maybe they have been looking at tPF!

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  1. excellent, no more palpitations if an unconfirmed address pops up !
  2. I think it's only fair to point out that this is eBay UK, not the US. Has anyone seen the same announcement on this side of the pond?
  3. it'd be odd if it didn't happened your end too , i'll be interested to know .
  4. I assumed it would happen first in the US.
  5. ^^ Me too - it would be a rare thing indeed for a US company to introduce change in the UK first, interesting though. . .
  6. yeah i thought about that too.. I wrote on tpf why could people who have 0 feed back can sell fake bags but tpf seller gets their listing removed.. tada... today they said that feed back less than 5 cant sell.. maybe there is a reader on tpf
  7. those changes have been made awhile ago on ebay USA. I can't confirm where that information is though.
  8. Thats interesting. We may have little to talk about if we no longer worry about confirmed addresses etc.