More Famiglia Goodness!

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  1. So in my searches on Yahoo Japan Auctions, I found out that Famiglia is out there & they had some auctions up, so I'll post the pics of the different bag styles for reference for those who were wondering what the print looked like on different bags:

    Buon Viaggio:


    So if anyone else sees more , feel free to post them here!
  2. wow..they are nicer than I thought they would be.
  3. Thanks for posting the pictures! they look really nice on the bags!
  4. oh, i love the denaro!!!! it's so cute. i think i'll like this print more in person than on the computer. i want one!
  5. I think this print would be really cute on a caramella.
  6. It looks cute on the denaro!
  7. N:huh::huh:Oooo.. Why do they look so cute in these pictures?!?!! Mustnt.. buy.. in.. Famiglia.. :push:

    And I agree, the denaro looks super cute!! But this print is hard to find a good placement in.. some characters repeat many times!!
  8. The denaro looks so good! More like... professional-y... :p If I make one famiglia purchase, perhaps I'll get a cutey little wallet :tup:
  9. The denaro looks so cute! I think I might have to get one. Now I just have to resist getting it in the zucca or bv. Somebody stop me! This addiction is effecting my wallet!
  10. I'm not really loving Famiglia... but it does look really cute on the Denaro. Maybe I'll get that.
  11. wow, i agree, the denaro is really really cute. :nuts:
  12. This print is growing on me - I especially like it on the Denaro.
  13. thanks for the link to the slideshow! i'm actually kinda liking the famiglia bella. uhoh.
  14. I know! I'm thinking that it would look nice on a cucciolo. I must not buy it!