More Fall 2006/07 Pics

  1. hi all....
    just wanna share some lv pics for fall collection.
    i love the metallic clutch.. absolutely gorgeus...
    062606_lv.jpg 062606_lv2.jpg 062606_lvgucci.jpg 062606_lvclutch.jpg 062606_lvyuck.jpg
  2. whoah, matt had already posted this and so has selena

  3. I :heart: the purse in picture #2! It is fu:censor:ing GORGEOUS!:biggrin::flowers:
  4. hi sophia...
    i didnt know about that.. sorry i must missed it..
  5. Miroir clutch, oh god. Gorgeous!
  6. I love the 4th pix (the silver clutch)
  7. How do you find these photos on his website? I don't like it much and can't find purse photos on it. TIA
  8. Wow, I love the reddish keepall!
  9. oh honx, no problem at all :yes: :biggrin:
  10. Yes, too bad it's US$12000.00 and will only be available with 50% deposit!!!:shocked:
  11. :upsidedown: :sneaky: :hrmm: :wondering :noggin:
  12. Omgahh, I love the wallet, I wonder how much it'll be? Hehehee, probably heaps!

    Thanks for posting the pictures ;) ;) :smile:
  13. Umm...I love that Noe in the 1st pic!!!! Papillon's also gorgeous! and IMO I actually like the 4rth "WTF hell were they thinking?" pic! lol I saw it on a model and it looked DIVINE!
  14. i heart the alma, and speedy ofcourse. if only the clutch didn't cost an arm and a leg.....:smash: :smash:
  15. WOW! How did this person get these photos?