More Fakes! Please Report her AGAIN!!!

  1. Yeah, I noticed that this morning. She sucks! I can't believe she can continue selling those and when she offers no refund I think she's stupid because then someone will get ticked and come and get her off!
  2. Reported again, but i dont think that would do much, eBay sucks!
  3. now im afraid to try & sell my black/original prints on eBay because of STUPID FAKE SELLERS LIKE THIS who ruin it for everyone else! :cursing: :mad: :rant: :censor: :smash:
  4. I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN! that's why I hate it :sad: and I post a link to the tokidoki blog in my auction so people can see for themselves how to tell the diff between a real/fake bag and it helps support my listing :graucho: at least that's what I hope
  5. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh I hate her!!!!!! :cursing:
  6. gosh, why doesn't ebay do something about her if all of us have reported her?!?!? makes me so mad.
  7. It's missing the big shiny chain? Probably what tips you off that it's the same person is they used the exact same picture for the two different auctions? lol...
  8. Well in the description she says that is not a picture of the bag she is selling. She probably lifted the picture thinking she would not have to take pictures of her bag then realized the one in the picture was a fake....serves her right for stealing soemone elses picture!
  9. lol, i dont know...but why would she use that picture anyway? hahahaha. just makes no sense.
  10. Well, the descriptions and picture (at least the first one) are identical to the fake one! Unless this person is stupid enough to copy her auction from a bootleg seller, and not even knowing it!!!
  11. Yeah, that person is a retard! Copying pics of a fake! Thats what they get for being too lazy to take pics of their actual item, even if it is real, its dismissed as a fake!