More F/W 06 pics

  1. Hey first post here, but while I was browsing I found these pics of the new Fall colours. Apologies if they've already been posted, but thought they may be helpful!


    Rouge Vif




    Forest Green

    All photo credits go to
  2. wowsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!:love: :heart:
  3. OMG Blee you are my hero! thank you! completely in :heart: with oxblood!!

    p.s Welcome!!:biggrin:
  4. Goddammit! Why must they ALL LOOK SO GOOD!!!
  5. Thanks for posting Blee.
    I have a hunch the pics you posted (at least on my monitor) are probably quite an accurate depiction of how they look IRL.
  6. I'm getting pretty excited for fall now!
  7. wow - what style is the boxy greige/grenat/sapin bag?
  8. thanks for posting. It is always exciting to see what is coming out. Anyone know when they be out?
  9. Its called 'The Box'.;) Seriously.:flowers:
  10. *giggle* - I don't think I can introduce anyone to my Greige Box (OK, how old am I?)
  11. Okay I love them all.... More things to lust after :rolleyes: :love:
  12. Oh boy. The oxblood is my favorite!
  13. I am so glad I didn't cancel my grenat work order!
  14. Wow oxblood and truffle are GORGEOUS.
  15. Wahooooooo!!!! :yahoo: If that is indeed the Oxblood color, I'm a happy girl (have a City on pre-order)!!! That color is exactly what I'd hoped it would be. :love: :love: :love:

    Thanks so much for posting those pics!!!