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  1. I had some older NM catalogs around and thumbed through them before throwing them away. . . I found a few pics to look at for fun, I know at least has been posted before, but it's here one more time!

    In order:
    no description of bag in catalog:sad:
    no description of bag in catalog:sad:

    Multicolor patchwork handbag of leather, patent leather and python$2495

    Black {shown} or brown hair-calf and antiqued calfskin tote $1995

    Goldtone Italian Suede slouchy riding boots w/ metallic gold leather cuff, embroidered CC detail, and 3 1/4 stacked heels $1250

    Mademoiselle Tote$1595 and Lambskin sling backs w/ patent leather toes w/ CC detail $575

    The last photo has no info as it was my trunk show invitiation.
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg
  2. Ooh, I like that patchwork bag. I saw the slouchy boots in black in person and it looked a bit too pirate-like. I prefer the little cap toe Beatle boot number.
  3. Thank you so much for the new scans, Swanky Mama! :flowers:
  4. thanks Swanky Mama, love the Mademoiselle Tote, have to save

  5. Thanks Swanky! Any idea what the black bag in the last photo is called? It's absolutely TDF!

  6. Thanks swanky!
  7. I love those boots!
  8. Thanks swanky! I love the madamoiselle tote:heart:
  9. I can never see enough pictures of pretty Chanel bags!
  10. Don't know the exact name of the bag , but it looks like one from the Diamond Shine collection . I just saw one yesterday , it was a caviar treated to look like patent . It didn't feel like patent leather though , it was very soft .
  11. Thanks Sophia! It's a gorgeous black bag isn't it?

    Now I must get my hands on one..:graucho:

    Is it out in stores yet?
  12. The one at my store just arrived yesterday and Chris said it was the first they'd recieved from that line . I almost bought it .

    It is very lovely , and when you but it next to a regular black purse it almost looks like deep plum in some lights . It is very nice .

    My Saks has steadily been receiving the F/W line day by day over the past couple weeks . So I would definitely call and check , I'm sure they could order you one .
  13. That sounds VERY tempting, Sophia.. What's the damage like?
  14. Well the one I saw was a different style than the one in the pic . It was a lrg flap-style bag , more rectangular than square , had a turn closure like that of the reissues , and had the shiny caviar woven thru-out the chain . It was 1495.00 I believe , or 1475.00 . So I'm guessing the one pictured would be around 2 grand . Of course , don't quote me on that , but that's what I'm guessing . I am popping in to Saks tommorow and I will look thru their book and see if I can get an exact price and style name for you .
  15. I love that last black bag too! I've never seen it before but it is beautiful! I wounder how much the bag is - does anyone know? I was in the 57th St. store the other day and I didn't see it in there. Has anyone seen it any NY stores?