More difficult to lose weight as we age: truth or myth?

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  1. I just turned 30 and find that it’s like pulling teeth to even drop a single pound these days! And I get so impatient and discouraged! Maybe 4-5 years ago I could literally eat healthy for a week a notice a weight loss.

    I used to think this was a myth but I guess not. Anyone else experience this?
  2. UMMMM Yes! I have the same exact thing happening to me. I used to be able to lose weight easier, and since I turned maybe 28 it started seeming to get harder! And now at 30 its no better! I only want to lose 10 lbs but when you are trying hard and not getting results that's when I get discouraged and blow the diet!!
  3. Sigh. Same here
  4. It's a medical fact.
  5. haha.wait till u hit 40...sigh.
  6. Women especially lose muscle with age and muscle burns fat/fires up the metabolism. It really sucks.
  7. I'm in this category too. Work out 6 times a week! Oh well, at least my heart is getting a workout. :P
  8. I had not heard that it really became a problem until 40, but the metabolism slows slightly and muscle mass decreases incrementally each year, so some people may notice it earlier or later than others. But a teacher I had while I was in high school recently lost about 80 lb, and she must be 60 now, so I guess it can be done at any age. It just takes more effort the older we are.
  9. Wait until you are 50! It is a medical fact. Stay on top of it early. Develop good eating and exercise habits. They will pay off.
  10. :wtf:

  11. yes! I noticed my "maintenance" calorie level from last year has this year become a "slow, surreptitious addition of ounces" calorie level. definitely had to dial back a little bit on my calorie allocation to stay in my target range!
  12. Crap!

    Double crap!!

  13. Yep. Sucks.
  14. Sigh. Yes I'm 42 and it stinks. You have to eat less in order to maintain the same weight and its harder to lose.
  15. ^ I agree with this..I am 44 and still weigh what I did in high school...BUT I really LIKE healthy foods (vegies/turkey/fruit etc) and I am not happy unless I am active..I work out regularly (cardio w/ weight) and I do keep one eye on what I eat...and I eat my share of junk food too...I am lucky that I am like this..and before you shoot rocks at me I drink I am in no way perfect..I do believe that good habbits practiced over a long period of time pay off.....;)