MORE Deletes AND New Bags! WOW!

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  1. I just stopped by the store to add some more hours on this week, just to stay busy after what happened with my fiancee (now ex) :cry:

    I didn't get to see the whole list but it's about 9 pages long and includes most of what's in store now, INCLUDING the chocolate and jade and denim signature stuff (shoulder totes, satchels, carly's, all of it) and the turquoise and white ergos and the signature duffles. It's a really comprehensive list that includes most of what's on the floor. We couldn't believe it!

    There's ALSO a new Chelsea Optic Signature Hobo! The colour is called navy and is all shades of blue and it's BEAUTIFUL. The deletes/floor move are on the 21st of this month to my knowledge so that's when you'll see the new stuff like the new Chelsea!

    I'll add more as I find out more, ladies!
  2. I loved the chocolate optic that the chelsea came in last year. I can only imagine how pretty the navy will be! :yahoo:
  3. So wait when they delete it, it heads to the outlet? If my Carly is going to the outlet, I might have to wait on buying her.
  4. Ooooh can't wait to see the blue optic.
    I need a blue bag.
  5. The navy sounds really pretty!!!
  6. Are they releasing a new catalog now too?
  7. Me either! I :heart: blue so much...
  8. ^^I hope so! We haven't seen it yet but I'm sure we will.
  9. navy sounds beautiful! i've been wanting a navy bag:yes:
  10. I haven't been in for awhile. Will the black leather carly be gone too? If so that will be on my list!:P
  11. wow! sounds like we're gonna get hit with a lot of new stuff. yay!

    thanks for the head's up razorbackbelle and i'm sorry to hear about your ex-fiance. hope you're over him.
  12. Sorry about the least bags will always be true.

    thanks for the heads up about the new things! can't wait to see it all.
  13. Sarah:

    I went to a Coach Store today and the SA told me that the Carly is coming in new leather colors but that the Warehouse was not releasing them to the boutiques yet. Do you know when the new leather colors of the Carly will be released? I am looking for a cognac or chocolate brown one. Please do let me know if you have heard anything. thanks, Liz
  14. So the turquoise ergos are going?! I was contimplating one of these for the PCE . . . but I thought I would have more time. Now the pressure is on.
  15. So the signature Cotton stuff is going to the outlets? How much will they be marked down?