more Damier Sophie in Hawaii??

  1. just received a call from my SA in the Ala Monan store. She said she has a Damier Sophie for me.. um... i wonder whether they got more shipment in.

    anyone still looking for one, give them a call..
  2. nice, congrats. I want this bag so bad. get it.
  3. aw lucky you...congrats

  4. thanks for the info.. I was just at the LV store at Short Hills Mall and they told me they don't have it... :sad:

    do you think they will ship one to NJ? can you write the phone # here...

    thanks a bunch...
  5. ^^sophies are only available in HI(and some other countries) & you'd have to have previous purchase history from HI boutique to order from them :sad:

  6. exactly what my SA told me....urgghhh!!! I wonder why they're only available in the West Coast? Anyone know?
    I should plan a vacation to HI then.... ;)
  7. they must have gotten another batch in because i got another call from ala moana about them (even after i declined the first one).
  8. Wish we could get them here on the mainland!

  9. i know, me tooooooo
  10. Congrats, that's great news!
  11. Wow Congratulations.
  12. mcw were you on the waiting list? I'm headed over on 8/27 and hope they still have some left...will call tomorrow!
  13. cpster, yes, i am on the waitlist.
  14. Thanks mcw. May I ask around when you put yourself on the waiting list?