more damage..... my last bag for a while!

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  1. i'm being a bad girl.....


    i just had to have speedy as well! i'm in sooooo love with my NF, i've been carrying her non-stop! i added Hawaii tag (from my lovely friend in hawaii~ luv ya! *hugs*) - MOCA style! lol
    since i live in Florida, i'm allowed to wear bright / neon color all year long!! LOL
    sorry i kinda halfa$$ed last Rose thread, both of my kids had flu and i was home with them for the last two weeks....and i couldn't really sit down front of the computer to respond to everyone...:Push:

    thank you for letting me share~!;)

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  2. Congrats. don't you just love the roses :heart:
  3. I can't get enough of the roses bags, especially the speedy. Congrats!!
  4. congrats! sometimes its soooo good to be bad !!!! o btw on my last visit to the boutique they explained that hawaii stamp! it has the LV and the mono throughout the design I thought it was pretty nifty...I didnt catch it at first!
  5. wow, that was quick!! thanks guys~!! ;)
  6. congrats!!!I love the roses collection

    I'm really hoping when I will visit LV again they still have the NF roses! Now I don't know what to get if a speedy or NF!!maybe both?!haha

    sorry to hear your kids had flu
  7. love it sophia....congrats on your beautiful roses!!!
  8. You are a bad girl :nuts:

    Now stop teasing me with your NF :drool:

    Congrats sweet mama :hugs::heart:
  9. thanks everyone~! :heart::P

    heeeeeey, not as bad as you are!! heeeheeeheeeeeee

    i *know* you'll get a couple of more ROSES..... nf..... zippy.......:graucho::graucho:

    thank YOU, sweet mama!!
  10. yeah, MAYBE both AND extra?!:graucho::graucho::graucho: get 'em while you can!! heeheehe

    and thank you, flu sux!!!
    big sis got it at her preschool and little bro got it 2-3 days later....i'm exhausted!!

    this was from my previous thread.... i think i'm over ROSEing myself. i wanted a scarf too..... good thing, they were all out of them!

    ahhhh.....rose zippy.... here i won't come~ :faint: lol

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  11. wow you have been VERY BAD lol, but great choices :smile:
  12. thank you.... BAD is my middle name lately.... :supacool:

  13. Congrats! The Roses are lovely.
  14. haha ok if I find it I will!I'm in love with both bags, I preffer the roses but I also like the monogram and damier.

    I can't wait the zippy arrives!I check everyday the site haha
  15. Ohhhhhhh I keep trying to tell myself that I don't need a roses speedy, but yours is making it really hard to resist. Congrats!