MORE Cruise 2007 Photos

  1. Choo:heart: Lovers,

    Casey sent me an e-mail today:choochoo:

    Here is an update on what's coming!! (2 Posts to include the photos)


    Brace yourself: Cruise 2007 has begun to arrive and it is H-O-T!!!! This season we are returning to the classics, with new colors and fabrications of our staple bags. Mahala in Red Poppy calf! Mave in Champagne brushed shimmer calf! Riki in Bronze metallic suede! Medium Malena in Sand! For Resort we are focusing on traditional shapes in unexpected shades; it is all about the statement bag and what better way to make a statement than with a pop of red or a splash of champagne?
    Can’t wait to hear the thoughts of a seasoned Chooaholic!

    All Best,

    Riki_bronze_suede.JPG Riki_bronze_suede_detail.JPG Malena_sand_detail.JPG Malena_sand.JPG Malena_black.JPG
  2. MORE..............:choochoo::choochoo:

    I think I MUST have the Red Poppy Mahala to go with the rest of my Reds:graucho:
    Mahala_shimmer_calf.JPG Mahala_shimmer_calf_detail.JPG Mahaha_poppy.JPG Mahala_poppy_detail.JPG Mave_shimmer.JPG
  3. OMG, that red mahala is gorgeous.
  4. The Mahala is pretty, I'm not blown away by the rest. I was hoping to see something new. Keep posting pics as you get them...I can't wait to see the bright yellow!
  5. Ooooh.....they're all so pretty!

    I know I am a minority of ONE on this one, but I was never able to become a fan of the Mahala due to the shape. And at this moment I am so glad that is true, because even though the style is not for me, it is absolutely beautiful in red!

    And the Mave? So pretty! I LOVE the metallic Riki, if I didn't have 2 that I love that would probably be next on my wish list! :love:
  6. Thanks for the pics. Hmm, I'm interested in Sand, but maybe not as a Malena though. Perhaps there will be a Sand Maddy...
  7. OMG Robyn - I am hyperventilating right now. That Poppy Mahala is calling my name. Poppies are one of my favorite flowers and I have some in my garden that are the same garden. I like it better than the LP Neon blue. Oooo - I hope they have matching flats.

    And I see you have a pic of the champagne pretty. If I didn't have a premonition that I would spill tomato soup all over it ;), it would have been my bag for the black tie event.

    Well thanks for pepping up my afternoon!
  8. ROBYN!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you!!

    That Poppy Mahala is GORGY!!
    I've been waiting to see what the LP Neon blue looks like and I think I'll have to pick between the two.

    Correct me if I should ask this as a post ...
    Does anyone have a pic of the neon blue?
  9. I must have been hyperventilating....sheesh!:nuts:

    I meant to say that I have some poppies in my garden that are of the same color.
  10. Jburgh - have you seen the neon blue?

    Do you know where there are any pics?
    I printed outa pic of the red poppy - I'm such a bag weirdo.
  11. I was wondering how long it would take you to catch that! :lol: Eh, it was a Lucy moment!
  12. Ooooooooooooooooooooo, thanks as always for giving us the scoop, Robyn! :flowers:

    Personally, I'm glad to hear that JC is "returning to the classics." IMO, some of the bags got a little "out there/over the top" in the past season or two. I'm also glad they are bringing back the Malena. That's such a pretty shape and I like it in the sand/camel shade.
  13. I have only seen pictures of the Neon Blue LP in the Nordies look book. Looking forward to seeing it IRL. :yes:
  14. Jburgh - thanks for the info. I'll have to go do a little Nordie looking at the look book:graucho:
  15. OMG... must...have.. the...shiny...clutch...