More confused than ever....

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  1. Once upon a time....(like 2 weeks ago-LOL) I posted a thread about picking out a red bag: between a Junior Drake and a Furla. I thought I had my mind made up (on the Junior Drake) but then I saw a picture of the new pink Sasha from Botkier. :drool: I certainly don't want to splurge on both so I keep going back and forth....which one do I think I'll get more use out of, which one makes my heart skip a beat when I see it, etc. I've never been into red or pink handbags and I now find myself obsessing. :girlsigh: If you could only pick one color, which would you pick? I think red can be used all year where the pink is more spring/summer. I really thought my mind was made up but I don't know if it's the style of the Sasha I like better or the color. I almost wish the Sasha came in a bright red!! Why does this happen to me?! :shrugs: Maybe I need to stay away from this forum for a while and then I would think more clearly??? :hysteric:
  2. While I'm not sure I know what the Sasha looks like...I do have to agree that a red bag seems more universal. I may be a bit biased tho, As I'm wishing for a red back for myself!
  3. I like red better! But if you've already got 1 or 2 red bags... it might be nice to have something different...
  4. I have no doubt in my mind that the red Junior Drake is awesome....and I would wear that bag all year round, too!
  5. Red!
  6. I would get a red before a pink -- you can get a pink later!
  7. I would get a red bag...I'm dreaming of getting one too.