more 'classic' in years to come? damier or mini lin?

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  1. which do you think is more classic in years to come, lets say 5 years from now? damier or mini lin? and i know that damier was louis vuitton's first print,, so that might be the answer to my question..
    thanks =)

    and which do you perfer?

  2. mini lin less structured
  3. Damier...:heart: It's already a Classic
  4. IMO Damier is timeless and I much prefer it over the Mini Lin.
  5. Damier is and will always be a classic.
  6. I have to echo the previous posts here and say that I believe damier is here to stay. I think it has broader appeal bec. it is not that different than the monogram canvas in terms of that classic canvas texture, whereas the mini lin is fabric and seems very different than their classic line of canvas bags. I personally don't pine for it bec. of the material, I'd rather wear a gucci or fendi for a jacquard bag.
  7. Damier, Mini Lin is supposed to be replacing Mini Mono... which personally I like the Mini Mono more. :shame:
  8. my vote is for damier
  9. Damier has already proved its long staying power so it gets my vote. With the Mini Lin, I suppose only time can tell.
  10. Vote for Damier!!
  11. :yes: but i didnt know it was lv's first print!!!!
  12. Definitely Damier. It's classy.

    Mini lin just doesn't attract me that much.

    I say mini lin is too many monos per square inch ;)
  13. damier!
  14. Damier
  15. Another vote for damier.