MORE CHOO's on Overstock!!!

  1. how is overstock never bought anything from them. is it safe?
  2. I got a Chloe bag from them and it was authentic. Shipping charges are low and depending where you live you may not have to pay sales tax which is always a plus.
  3. Waiting patiently for those pics of the green Mahdi;)
  4. Samantha - thanks for authenticating the Green Mahdi I received last night from Overstock!!!
  5. woohoo!
  6. Thanks for posting this!!! :yahoo:
  7. This is frightening. I havent' looked around here in awhile and the very first thing I see is yet another way to get a Choo bag (or Chloe, OR?) at a good price. I am starting to think my purse ban is doomed.:nuts:
  8. Oh Blondecat, just wait until we cruise into JC's next week, we are both going to be in BIG trouble:graucho:
  9. I just know it, Robyn....:yes:
  10. LOL.. join the club!!! My purse ban goes out the window every time I log onto the forum:roflmfao:
  11. Ali - we are in a race for whose husband :cursing:will divorce us first and leave us to raise our little ones alone :crybaby:! LOL...

    I returned the green stepdaughter (Mahdi) to Overstock and walked away from the black Mahdi because, quite honestly, I think the leather on this style might be a little delicate for me (which is why I love Chloe of course). I can see it scratching easily.

    I did, however, buy another stepsister for the Chloe crew - a Black Leather Ring bag from Net a Porter! :graucho: I'm waiting for it to arrive any day. I'm hoping this might be a good bag for *us* so when we're kicked out on the street homeless at least we'll have a nice purse or two :smile:
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao: OMG... You are so funny, but every word is true! Maybe we can share a cardboard box, because dh may go postal if he knew the amount of cash I've "invested" these last few months:push:.
    I seen that ring its very very cute:tup: