More CHOO CHOO Photos*****

  1. With the lag in between the Choo sales and the new Cruise Release, I have decided to keep the chat on "Choo's" going by posting a few of my more recent acquisitions:choochoo:

    The 2 pairs of shoes were purchased to go with a new bag, but that will be a later topic:whistle:

    The 2 wallets (Blue Utah & Tan Unite) I purchased over the Summer and the Black Boots I just purchased a couple of weeks ago to go with my Black Ramona:choochoo:

    What have you all been buying???
    jcshoes.jpg jcshoes2.jpg jcwalletsfront.jpg blackboots&sammie.jpg blackboots.jpg
  2. Here are some of me actually wearing my Ramona:shame:
    blackboots2.jpg blackramona.JPG bpramona.JPG wearblackpatent.JPG jcwallets.jpg
  3. Love all the Choos Robyn. Those boots are sexy!!!
    You are keeping us guessing on the bag that you have been thinking about. Hmmm, wonder what it could be? It has to be an exotic.

    As for my recent Choos to speak of(other than the Carlotta). I was planning on ordering the Arad and Carissa this week but had two Valentinos show up today that were supposed to ship later this year. Love them but the Choos will have to wait a few weeks.

    Navy Arad

    Black Arad

    Arad.jpg arad black.jpg Carissa.jpg
  4. Robyn: love those boots. My fudge boots are similiar with the squared off toe. And I just bought those gold flats, too!
    Samantha: Wow, love all the new bags. Did you post pics of the Valentinos somewhere on this forum? That Navy Arad is gorgeous!
  5. Robyn - love all your Choos - especially those boots! I think I may finally be making my first Choo purchase with the Saks EGC event and get my black Mahala. I was thinking of waiting for the next Choo sale and take a chance and see if it would go on sale but I don't think I would be that lucky! Congrats on your purchases.
  6. Fellow Valentino Lover? They are in the Bag Showcase subforum.

    I agree, the navy suede is amazing!
  7. I love the boots. also cute kitty.
  8. so pretty! i love the 4th picture! is that a siamese or a tonkinese?
  9. Ohh Robyn, looks like your cat is a Choo Choo fan as well!
  10. I was told Sammie was a Siamese when we purchased him (5 years ago), but when I was browsing through a Cat magazine, I thought that he really seems like he could be more of a Tonkinese:yes:

    Yes, they all are:choochoo: fans (I have 3 kitties)
  11. I cheated on JC :angel: and bought a black balenciaga first.
  12. I have bought four choos in the last month. Here are three of them and a purple mahala on the way!!
  13. :yahoo:^^ wow you bought a purple mahala? you got it at JC Web?

    Im so dying to see actual pictures of her!!!

  14. Yes!! Now I just have to wait to receive her. Will post pics once I get her.
  15. oh CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That must be my favorite Mahala color!!!:nuts::nuts: Awesome!!
    Oh please post pics!!!