More choices...please help!!

  1. Thank you all ladies! You all are such wonderful help! :yahoo: I am gathering my funds from far and wide when another choice was presented to me (I promise this will be the last!): should I get the MJ Stam in mouse like I thought I was going to, or should I go for the Fendi Devil bag from a few years back in gold? Here is a picture of the Fendi devil in the link below:

    Fendi handbag 8BR254, devil bag FF716

    I am no longer considering the Dior gambler now after a few ladies on the Dior side of the fence associated it with punkish styles :sweatdrop: . I thought it was really funny because as much as I think punkish styles are cool, I would think of myself as the last person to be punkish-I am quite shy really. :shame:

    I am still quite young so please do share your wise opinions with me as I am prone to lots of temptations out there! :p
  2. I think the picture will enlarge as a collage of the bag from multiple angles if it is clicked on :yes:
  3. Hey loving-- I still vote for the stam. It's more classic.
    I'm pretty young myself, and I always try to buy bags that I know I will be able to wear for a long time. I also know how important it is to spend your money on things you love.
    Even though some here may prefer the stam, if you love the other bags, then go for it! With fashion, everything goes in and out, so you really can't lose.
    Can't wait to hear what you decide!!
  4. I'm not a fan of that Fendi...I think there is a little too much going on. I agree with marclover that the Stam is probably more classic (not that we're biased here ;) ). It's more fresh-looking and I think you'll get more use out of it.
  5. I agree with SuLi. That Fendi bag is WAY to busy for me. IMO the Stam is a much classier and usable bag. Good luck! Let us know what you decide.
  6. The Fendi is too busy and the gold is a tad loud for me. I'd go with the Stam over the Fendi....
  7. Thank you! I could really learn some valuable lessons from all of you :wlae:
  8. I agree with what everyone has said...

    I think the Stam is more verastile and has more sticking power. I would still look at it a few years from now, and be able to carry to work - even if I (hopefully) am higher up the ladder, etc

    The Fendi looks very college class/going out/ Fridays at a PR firm type of bag... I think it would look outdated sooner - and not transfer between career fields as easily...

  9. I'm not sure if I'm liking the shape of the Fendi bag. I still think the stam is the better choice...
  10. I think the fendi in black or the logo material would be easier to wear and more classic compared to the gold version but somehow the Stam looks more striking and classy to me compared to the Fendi...

    so i'd still go for the stam =P