More Chocolatey Goodness!!!

  1. Well my chocolate siggy ergo came in the mail today too.. unfortunately I got it from eBay and it was listed nwot but that is not the case. :cry: I am waiting to hear back from the seller and just HOPING I can find another one at a fair price. Anyway, I really love this bag, the style.. just want a new one or atleast to be told it was used. :wtf: Here are the pics!!!!
  2. Well it looks gorgeous on you! It's a pretty bag... how "used" is it???
  3. looks beautiful on you!!! imo you need to keep it get a new one because that ergo hobo was created for you! :tup: I just feel that seller owes you something...either a new one or money back for misrepresenting the purse as a new one. But you do look awesome with that ergo.:yes:
  4. enough that is has no hangtag, the leather is "used" and there are two stains... one of which still has like a little piece of food? on it! :throwup: Definitely NOT nwot! I love the bag though, had to try it on and it is a keeper, just not THIS one! :yucky:
  5. Aww thank you SO much!!! :love: That is sweet of you.. you are the exact same! It is a great bag! Kind of a bummer to wait and wait and then have it come and not be wearable.. but luckily I have a bunch of new beautiful bags to keep me company while I wait for another one I suppose! :girlsigh: I even made hubby stay home longer from work during lunch while I had to go to work at my kids' school so I wouldn't miss the package!!! :p Thanks for the kind words!
  6. It loos perfect on you! Thanks for the pics
  7. are welcome. I hope to see a new chocolate ergo hobo in your near future!:flowers:
  8. That sucks that it wasn't what it was supposed to be. If I don't go to the outlet tomorrow (and I don't think I will), I am going to be able to pick up my box from the apt office and I hope my Madison is ok. My seller has really good feedback so *fingers crossed*. Here's hoping your seller makes it right!
  9. Thanks guys! :flowers: I think I already have another one lined up on eBay that is NWT so wish me luck!!!
  10. Looks great :smile: I hope you're able to find something better.
  11. Thanks! :tup: I already bought another one on ebay that is NWT and will ship out tomorrow!!! :yahoo: Just have to get this one back to the seller now... :rolleyes:
  12. LOVE it! Looks great on you! I hope you can find what you are looking for, though.

  13. Oops posted before I saw this. Glad you got another one! Hope everything works out with that seller, good luck :tup:
  14. SHE LOOKS GREAT ON YOU!!!!! This is my FAVORITE bag!!!! You will LOVE her once you get the new one!!!!! YAY!!!!