More chloes under $700... Hurry!!!

  1. Nordies @ towson has:

    BLUE PADDY HOBO - single strap with gold lock, and a zipper along the bottom for $594.90[​IMG]

    SATCHEL (not a paddy, just called satchel) in ecru with a pocket and two handles for $653.90

    ASK FOR MARY( on hold under Ali)

    (thanks Ny'ree for the description;))
  2. You're welcome! The bags are so pretty!!! Nice touch with the pictures, makes it so tempting!!
    Thanks again for putting them on hold for a TPF-er! You're the best:cutesy:
  3. lol.. you're so right the pics are tempting. I keep trying to tell myself I don't need this bag but when I look at that pic I want it more:rolleyes:!

  4. I'm trying to tell myself I don't need this either...what a deal though! OK, I think I need to leave the computer now....
  5. Thank you Ali and Sarmel, for the temptation, beautiful bags at such bargain prices. I wich I live near where you are so that I can go shopping with you guys. Save a lot of money!!
  6. This is so tempting. I want a paddy. Really the tote but I can't justify getting a blue one.
  7. Net a Porter pic of black paddy hobo on a 5'10" mannekin...
    chloe paddy satchel 2.jpg
  8. Mary has a couple more Chloes in, both under $600!!!
    Sounds like a debbie & Ava!!!
    Call for details 410-296-2111
  9. Thanks Ali! Someone snatched up the ava pretty quickly. It's gone. For anyone wanting the debbie it's 549.97
  10. Mary has more Chloe's!!! An Edith satchel for $500... It's on hold under Ali! Ask for Katie, Marys not in tomarrow!
  11. live a little closer to you right now ali w!:nuts: