More Chloes Popping Up In NM Sale!

  1. ^Pricey!
  2. So were they hiding these????
  3. Ugh Expensive!
  4. wow.. now it's almost the twice the price compared to it's lowest. hope they lowers the price again soon. i don't know if this is also quite common to others, but many of my orders got cancelled with Neiman Marcus - most of them, they didn't even bother to send me emails to let me know why it was cancelled, so nm isn't very reliable to me. also, hate feeling so anxious worring if my order will go through or not almost everytime after i make an order.
    but i will probably keep trying again when i see a great deal.
    anyway, thank you for the info - very interesting!
  5. HMMM....I wonder if they were only letting a few go on clearance just so they could try to sell some at a higher price after the sale! Sneaky...:sneaky:

  6. :roflmfao: We must hold tight to our credit cards,We will wear them down and refuse to buy till they lower these prices :devil:.I think they are trying to pull a fast one on us.

    Oh No! Some sucker fell for the bowler !
  7. This comment made me laugh. hehe

    :wtf: I stayed strong and haven't been on NM's site since 8 this morning, and yeah, this is some BS!!! LOL I'm on the boycott for sure. Magically, all of these items that people would be gunning for are MORE expensive than they were BEFORE their special 4 day sale. There was a pair of Louboutins I normally would have bought discount or not, but on principle alone I left them there! LOL They were $740, marked down to $481, but before the 4 day extra savings sale, I 'm positive they were in the 300s. Regardless, I feel like NM was holding out certain merchandise on us. :cursing:

    I like how they are still advertising "up to 65%" savings too. Have you guys found anything that is still 65% off? All the stuff I would have been interested in is a measly 35% off, a nice discount normally, but not when you have been spoiled and have witnessed the 50-65% prices. :roflmfao:
  8. ashakes How do you find all the good deals from
    Is there any special web address for best customer??
  9. What?!?! That Edith hobo was like $480 on its best day and now it is over $1000! How does that happen?
  10. I know there are best customer links, but I have never used them. This is actually the FIRST time ever I have did this online sales thing. I usually buy in store if anything, and not this much at once because I shop frequently as is, but I had been good for a little bit so went all out these last 2 weeks.

    Where I live in Miami Beach, well literally across the street from my condo is the Barneys COOP, Intermix, a Banana Republic, an Arden B (great for cute, going out clothes), Armani, and tons of other boutique stores all along Ocean Drive, so that right there tells you how much I can shop every week. LOL The only thing that saves me is that I'm @ the hospital/clinic most of the day!

    I bought quite a bit in store too and did charge sends on the items.

    As for purchases online, I bought a few handbags and several pairs of designer shoes. I would just have a few windows open on categories I was interested in and refresh periodically.

    And, then that thread was started by another TPFer that I was quite active in and we would all help each other out w/ links. A lot of girls would bookmark their favorites and just hit refresh I guess! I didn't do that though until last night though b/c I was strangely lusting over the Marc Jacobs Capra Satchel. LOL

    I was only canceled on once too, which worked out for me anyways b/c I have the same bag in another color already.

    I did have a mishap today though. They accidentally sent me a pair of UGLY Manolos (yes I said ugly and Manolos in the same sentence) in place of a cute pair of Prada sandals I had ordered. I ended up just calling and not wanting them to locate the original order b/c I had bought a different pair of sandals last night. But, the rep was awesome, is sending Fed Ex to pick the box up, obviously not charging me for shipping them back, gave me the refund on these shoes, then an additional 10% off of the item price of the shoes credited to my account, AND then, 10% off of the purchase price of the Gucci Britt sandals.

    K, that was the longest post ever, sorry!
  11. Because NM is trying to scam newbies. LOL Us TPF gals know better!!!

    And, most things are just sitting there now that would be gone in seconds. I think they are going to see a direct correlation in their 4 day sale to the actual sales of items from now on!

    I feel better now. I paid $250 for it when the sale started mid June and it got all the way down to $155 and I was irritated, but now I saw the "new price" and I'm happy again. LMAO
  12. haha, u gals are so cute!
  13. I can't believe they were holding out and now are putting stuff up! I bet non-TPFers are thinking what a great deal! And we are all about to march thru the front door of NM and demand our a bigger discount...:rolleyes:
    Anyway. They are MEAN!:yes: