More Chloe Patent Leather Paddie Sightings

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  1. I went to Neimans in San Francisco yesterday and the black patent leather paddie was gone but they had a taupe/beige color paddie on display.

    Bloomies SF had the patent leather paddie in Black, Brown and the beige color. They are all gorgeous!
  2. i'd love to see more pics....i think im going to start a paddy fund :smile:
  3. When you say Paddy - do you mean the classic medium satchel? Or the capsule - or the domed capsule???? Sadly - the regular medium doesn't work on me. Just too small for a six footer. SIgh. So if it IS a domed patent beige Paddy capsule - it is great to know that there are more than just the one in my local Neiman's. I struggle with my love for this bag versus the impracticality of buying it and having it conflict with my taupe/tan large pocket Paddy. Ya can't win.
  4. It is the medium paddie satchel.
  5. ^Okay - that makes it easier! Thanks for the info!