More Chloe Paddy additions!

  1. Just wanted to share my newest chloe additions: taupe and mousse zippy and my tan loaf.... One picture is in the natural light and the other, with the flash. I really love these styles!!!!! :drool: OK, now i think it's *almost* time for a chloe ban :Push:


  2. omg they are gorgeous!!!! whered u get the taupe zippy?? ive been wanting one for a while!!
  3. Damn girl!! lol I'm loving the new additions! Go you!
  4. Thank you Jacquelinez and Danica :heart:

    Jacquelinez - I got the taupe zippy awhile back when they had them in stock.

    Danica - LOL i know, too many new additions!!!!! i feel like i post one every two weeks! I'm really *trying* to be on a chloe purse ban :angel:
  5. lucky you D&G!!! i love your collection...and the loaf is TDF!!! enjoy your new additions and take more pics for us hehe!
  6. D&G once again your pictures made me drool :drool: :biggrin: They are truly gorgeous every single one of them, I :heart: your whole collection..!!!

    Tan loaf looks so soft & slouchy and both zippys are stunning (oh I luv those neutral colours..!!), you're lucky gal with exellent taste!:love:
  7. I love loaves... :tender:
  8. Yay it's PADDY in your avatar!!! Your kitty is so adorable D&G. And the bags, well TDF is not enough expression!
  9. Thank you Sonja, Roxane, and Twinklette :flowers: :flowers: :heart:

    My favorite paddy is the one in my avatar :love:
  10. Oh your kitty is truly adorable, is her/his name Paddy..? :nuts:
  11. LOVE all of them :heart: :yahoo:

    i am so happy for you.....what a amazing collection!!!

    i am wondering where do you find this lovely loaf?!
    i love that style...but never have a chance to get one...:sad:

    CONGRATS :love: :drool:
  12. Love both zippy colors. That style is really cool.
  13. WOW!!!!!!! Gorgeous bags - great colours!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!
  14. The tan loaf is truly stunning!!! All of them are gorgeous :heart:
  15. Swoon!! Love your collection...especially drawn to the taupe zippy!!:love: