More Chloe Advice, PLEASE....

  1. Ladies-

    Well, I've recovered from my disapointment of not getting my sale Silverado though BG. If I'm truly honest, the Silverado wasn't my first choice for a bag. My fondest wish is for a whiskey Edith. My two day ban of BG now over, I see that they have this bag back in stock. The price of $1275 is REALLY steep for me though. My question is: do these "really good" bags ever go on sale? Should I try my luck and wait it out, or just bite the bullet and do it? :s My one other super duper handbag is a Paddy, and I felt so guilty after buying. That guilt is compounded by the fact that the bag is so heavy that I don't carry it as often I thought I would. I haven't found anything else on the Forum where people complain about the weight of the Edith. Does that mean you all are happy with it? Thank you again for all your help!!!
  2. I'm very happy with my Edith even though I'm a Bbag-girl. She's not as light as my bbags but not as heavy as the paddy.
    I doubt that Edith will go on sale in the near future so if you want one get it now.
  3. The Edith isn't heavy...not like the paddington. The only thing about the Edith is that it is a little awkward to carry sometimes since you can't wear it over your shoulder (comfortably, at least). While it is designed to carry heavy items (like books, some carry their laptops, etc) I always felt paranoid about carrying too much in my Edith because it would "straighten" out the scrumples I worked so hard to find. "Scrumples" are the smooshy, wrinkles on the Edith leather. It makes it look vintage and oh so huggable.

    In any event, I returned my Edith because of a defect, not because I didn't love it. The Edith was my first Chloe, actually. I agree with Tanja that it probably won't go on sale the fall season or the spring. Maybe next summer it will? It depends on how consistent the sales are. For paddingtons the sales were extremely high the first year. Stores then ordered more but they ordered too many so they had old seasons left on the shelves. In order to make room for new seasons they had to put them on sale. I think that is one of the catalyst of all these new one-season colors (colors being available only in one season and then being discontinued). They want to make all bags from that season sell at retail price...and to encourage that they make season only bags. Kinda like Balenciaga. Of course, this is all posturing...

    In any event, if you love the Edith you should buy it now. You never know what the leather will be like next year or the year after. However, if you wait for the sale maybe you'll end up falling out of love with the style and figuring out that it never really was for you anyways. I personally like the Edith shape. I think it is a classic.