More Chanel Questions

  1. More stuff I need to know from you Chanel experts. I'm interested in some of the vintage bags from the 90's and earlier that I see for resale from time to time. Are bag linings ever black? Is all hardware (zipper pulls,etc.) marked Chanel? Lastly, is their any kind of archival material (online or other) that documents bag styles over the years?
  2. Some of those vintage chanels are tricky for me. The burberry princess about me page on ebay has a webpage with some real good useful information on older bags. I dont have the link at the moment, but I bet if you did a search in ebay you can find her webpage.
  3. You know I was just searching eBay for Vintage handbags and up popped Luzury-Zurich with the most yummy vintage stuff...mostly Hermes but it's great fun to look at. If you love vintage like I do, you'll enjoy this sellers site - I just don't know about authenticity but I'm hoping to find out....also, he doesn't seem to have anything right now that's vintage Chanel, unfortunately....:sad:

    Actually let me re-phrase myself...he's got lots of Hermes but not all is vintage....I hope I didn't mislead you above....