More celebs with bags!

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  1. :love: I love these bags on : Beyonce, Mischa, and others.... Opinions please!
    mischa barton.jpg beyonce2.jpg reese.jpg
  2. Whoohoo! What bag is Beyonce carrying- do you know??

    If you have been a visitor of my site for a while, you know I love celebs and handbags!
  3. I dunno like I said they have a bad habit of not listing the designers! :sad:
  4. I think this was a great idea, celebs with bags. Can we bring this back? Post away!!! I'll start.

  5. Love the bags/celebs you have listed here .

    Question - what is the magazine publication that shows the “hottest bags” of the season?

    Is it InStyle or one of the ‘gossip’ type (people, enquirer, etc) sources. I would just like to see the bags as worn by the celebrities who love them. That was how I found out about the Marc Jacobs Stam bag..:smile:
  6. I forgot where I got that from! Whew thats throwback. Ill go dig up some more.
  7. iman & david bowie.jpg
  8. halle.jpg
  9. [​IMG]
    Denise Richards

    Eva Mendes

    Jennifer Lopez
  10. [​IMG]
    Victoria Beckham

  11. Whoa..what is Victoria Beckham wearing in that last picture?!
  12. [​IMG]



  13. I don't think chaps are all that posh!!! Pretty scary :smile:
  14. A HOT MESS!!!!:lol: re posh spice oops..victoria beckham