More Celebrity Homes !!

  1. does Eminem lives in a Hôtel?

  2. This is her old place with Nick :smile:
  3. Denzel has wonderful taste,his home is massive but the property layout is well designed and beautifully kept.
    Mariah has another beautiful home, it's another well thought out design.

    I'm not really impressed with the majority of these homes,most have a cookie cutter look and others look more like oversized warehouses.
  4. hm.. i think Michael Jordan's home is half garage! check out the parking!

    His house should only be the upper left part right?
  5. poor people!!
    but it's true, all those houses are really massive:wtf:
  6. I don´t think I would ever want to live in a house that big. To me it´s frightening:wtf:
  7. lol imagine hide and seek in these houses :biggrin:
  8. Clooney still has the best house in my opinion, Denzel's is second. :smile:
  9. I love Denzel's :nuts:

    but wow I'll take any of them hahah..I wonder how much time they even spend in their homes! Or if they even walk around the whole place.
  10. do you guys think denzel or cher would let me move in?
  11. What was eminem thinking renovating a motel and making it his home? The only people I could understand having homes this big would be Eddie and Denzel, because they have like 5-7 kids, but Mariah was this necessary? Who knows, maybe they move their entire families in, like Jennifer Lopez did with her miami home?
  12. and yes, George's pad in Italy is awesome!
  13. I love Calvin Klein's home :love:
  14. Okay... I NEED Michael Jordan's house right now.
  15. Michael Jordan's house looks really big lol :wtf: :wtf: