More care questions from a Newbie..

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  1. 1. What do you use to waterproof your bag safely? What do you use for conditioning dry leather once it ages a bit? I have the Night color and I don't want to ruin the pretty matte finish or cause staining or glossiness in the WPing product. Whatever I do needs to be foolproof because I'm not good at this stuff! I want to buy whatever is best for my bags. I have several old bags that are getting a bit dry and need to be conditioned. I was looking at the Coach kit... Anyone tried it?

    2. I've posted about this several times, but I assume since the bag is new people aren't really sure. Does the crackled gold bottom of my MAB need special care, or can I treat it like any other bag? I emailed RM about this and the Elisha strap at the same time, but I haven't heard back.

    3. On which bags do I need to worry about things like "creasing". My Night MAB already has "creased" type leather. I think that's the look of it. Do I need to worry about creasing or is that only with Patent/Glazed bags? I don't rotate my handbags often, so I tend to just keep my stuff in the one I'm using at the moment. I don't really have a place to hang my MAB, but I have the stuffing that came in it and I assume that it is acid free? Do I need to unpack it and stuff it every night to keep it in good condition, or can I just put it in the dust bag with my things in it and store it right side up... Perhaps I could find a place to hang...

    4. Are the bottoms of all MABs and MAMs stiffer than the body? The gold bottom of my bag is very stiff and it already has a 'dent' where my arm goes from just ONE day of use. It's tiny, but I'm wondering how these bags deal with that kind of shoulder wear over time. Will the bottom just collapse and be smooshy/not stand up straight after a while if I keep bending it with my arm when I use it as a shoulder bag? I wonder if the gold bottom is different from the other bags.... I haven't seen any others *newbie*.

    Okay PHEW! That's all. I really, REALLY appreciate the help you RM experts have to offer. Now that I have a handbag more expensive than any others I own next to my Cole Haan, I want to keep it looking good. I don't mind a handbag that has wear on it.. gives it character, but I don't want to ruin it by doing something stupid! Sorry this was very long. TIA! I asked a ton of questions, but if you can answer any of them at all it would be hugely appreciated.

    And here's a repost of my new love with the beautiful, but seemingly difficult to care for, gold bottom.
  2. wow tons of questions! A lot of the care questions have been answered in MANY MANY threads before. If you do a search you will find some REALLY helpful information and opinions we've covered on how to take care of your RM's.
  3. I've been searching but I have pretty specific questions. I will keep looking!

    I couldn't find any information on the stiff bottoms and wear on them, especially the gold one because it's new.

    Sorry about all the questions, meep! I figured I'd get them all out at once. Reading the posts on the board has made me wonder about more care for my bag than I would have usually considered.
  4. ^^many of the girls have recommended apple care and lovin my bags products to use on the bags. Both are used on Balenciaga bags which are double the cost of RM, and if you go to the site, they have specific instructions on how to use each of their products on your bag, which i printed out and thought is great!

    As far as the gold bottom- hitchcock blonde was one of the first who bought this bag about a month ago, and she has mentioned its held up great for her! I still am waiting for mine to arrive since I had Bloomies charge send it to me, so can't provide specifics on this bag in particular.

    However if you stuff the bag then i'm sure the dent will come out. I haven't noticed the bottoms being "stiffer". it seems to be the same all around, but i carry so much stuff in my bags, i'd be ok if the bottom was stiffer just so i am assured my bag is durable!

    I'm going to send a PM to RM Maven and ask her to start a thread with what products she recommends on the bag.
  5. Thanks! I'm going to go to that website now. I appreciate all your help Desi!

    The bottom of the gold bag is definitely stiff. I don't mind it, it'll probably soften up with time. I do not think the dent will come out if I put stuff in it because the bottom is... well, very stiff! If I folded it in half, I'm pretty sure it would keep the fold just like a piece of cardboard or paper.

    I was wondering if the other MA bag bottoms are stiff as well (other color/leathers) because I've never seen them.

    Thanks again for taking the time to write the detailed response! :smile:

    I bought mine at Bloomies too! I hope you love it when you get it. I can't see why you wouldn't because it's gorgeous! Did you get the Night or Fuschia?
  6. ^^NO prob!

    My tangerine RM has the glazed leather, and the more i use my RM bags, i've noticed the leather wears in more. Give it a few days, because I remember Hitchcock mentioning the bag broke it very well after a few days...I'll let you know what i think when i get my bag! I think it should be here my Monday or Tuesday!