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  1. Well, today I happened to go into the city to pick up some buttons at Britex and being as I was just 2 doors down from BV it made sense to pop in and see, you know, stuff. I came away with a darling little key case in canard, a color I just had to have. It's the larger one with the top zipper and outside pocket.
  2. Gorgeous! Love this color!

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  3. Stunning color! I have this key case in mallow and use it pretty much every day!
  4. Purrty, congratulations!
  5. I have been using this case daily - stash my loyalty point cards and business cards, along with keys attached. Got it in the "Brique" colour from a beloved TPfer ;)
  6. That is adorable! I have the smaller version without the outside pocket and find it rather difficult to zip with just a couple of cards in it. Is this version much bigger?
  7. My key/card case is without the outside pocket, it may have stretched a bit, I can stuff about 12 various cards, with the key fob hanging out
  8. I love canard. I have a pillow bag in it and it's a perfect shot of bright color. I also have a canard lanyard that I love. The lanyard thing may have become an addiction....
  9. Canard is such a nice color pop. I have the double knot canard karung bracelet. It compliments my metallic and purple tone knot bracelets beautifully.
  10. Thanks all. I have been drooling over this color ever since I first laid eyes on it. I love little pouches for organizing things inside my bags. These little ones are nice in my smaller and flatter bags. Perfect inside the Pillow. I will use this as a mini cosmetic case for my lipstick, Lactaid tablets, bandaids, etc.
  11. Yes, it opens up more easily. I had them both in my hand yesterday. The smaller one would be good if you wanted to use it for coins or keys. The larger one has a little more flexibility in use. I would have gone for something even a bit bigger but there did not seem to be anything, at least not in stock at that location.
  12. Love it. Smart purchase!
  13. Love this! Thanks for sharing what you put inside. Definitely helps to visualise in terms of space.
  14. Very cute, congrats
  15. This little pochette is adorable. Love it.
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