More Britney mishaps.... almost drops SPF

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  2. oh my! She is having a rough few weeks huh? She needs to stay home so at least no one can photograph her Whoops-es!

    I am really beginning to feel sorry for her SP. All the money in the world can't make up for a "not all there" mommy!
  3. she just cant seem to do much right! I think her priority should be her son!
  4. omg....
  5. I agree. If she can sacrifice it, she should at least just stay at home for a little while to take proper care of her son. She seems to be doing too much running around. Whoever that man is thank goodness he was there to catch SP.
  6. oPS..She did it again..and again...:roflmfao: :biggrin:
  7. She needs to go to some parenting classes. I feel sorry for Sean Preston and the baby that she has on the way.
  8. I think she better leave k-fed before her kids are gone for good, at the rate she's going it might not be long.. WOW
  9. I am beginning to wonder if she is not under the influence of some substance.
  10. omg.. i can't look at it, soooo annoying.. im going crazy
  11. she's probably not under the influence as she's currently pregnant. . .
    also, to me, as a Mom, it appears that he could be falling but probably isn't. My kids ALL have looked that way while I'm holding them. . . her arm is dead center in his body, I doubt he'd fall. Babies are always moving and w/ a Mom whose pregnant {meaning clumsy because we're ALL clumsy while pregnant} he probably just threw off her balance.
    Her face doesn't seem to be scared like she's about to drop him and she's not even using her other arm like she would be.
    Too bad she can't just walk down the dang street w/o getting photographed. . .
    The guy behind her looks WAY more scared than she does! LOL! Maybe she needs to start LOCKING him into a stroller w/ a 5-pt harness and covering it to protect him from the media.
  12. Omg!
  13. From perezhilton she apparently had a drink in her other hand and what appear to be wedge heels, that along with being pregnant and having a big baby can't be a good combo balance wise, she can't be that out of it can she?
  14. Early on as a parent I learned that all of my judgement of parents before I became one Was totally unfounded.
    Accidents happen all of the time.
    As careful as you may be, your child will and can struggle out of your arms, try to light the kitchen on fire, whatever...and you can be the most loving, thoughtful parent ever to walk the earth.

    My opinion?
    1. Driving with your kid on your lap?
    terribly dangerous and ignorant.

    2. Driving with your child under the age of 1 in a front facing car seat without the 5 point harness done up correctly?
    terribly dangerous and ignorant (as in misinformed ignorant)
    Let's add that it was a sunny day and he was in a convertable...hopefully sunscreen was involved.

    3. Almost dropping your child as you walk though a group of people, carrying something in your other hand?
    Totally excusable, although she has the luxury of having "people" where most of us mom's don't... I'm sure she'll keep 2 hands free from now on to hold the squiggler.
    It comes off much worse than it is because of all of the previous media.

    That being said...
    I don't think SPF enjoyed his wrench, it went further than the photo I originally posted...
    I feel badly for both of them. Britney's face, says to me..."oh @*#$ her we go again"
  15. ^^ she's walking down the street pregnant w/ an alcoholic drink? OR is this photo old? Or is the drink non-alcoholic?

    Please don't think I support her, LOL!
    I CANNOT stand the the fact that she drove w/ him on her lap, had him forwrd facing < 12mos in a convertible. . . I am ALL ABOUT child safety - I admin/ moderate a parenting board even . . . just sometimes things look worse than they are, that's why I ask the previous questions.