More Britney divorce rumors

  1. I feel so sorry for her. :hrmm:

    Report: Britney Spears Dumps Kevin Federline to the Curb

    By Tina Sims
    May 26, 2006

    Here we go again. A published report is claiming that former pop princess Britney Spears has finally had enough of hubby Kevin Federline and has dumped the wannbe rapper to the curb.

    Has Britney Booted Federline Again?

    Emily Smith writes that Brit thrown hubby K-Fed out of her home and that has heighted the ever growing divorce rumors.

    From the Sun:

    Kevin, 28, has spent three out of the last four nights holed up in a flat with pals in Sherman Oaks, California - while Britney has remained at home in Malibu.

    Britney, 24, refuses to comment.

    A pal said: “Things have suddenly turned very sour. It looks bad."

    Other reports say that when Brit was snapped driving with baby Sean in her mini-Cooper with the top down and a slumped over Sean P. in the back strapped into his front-facing car seat.

    Still more now say Kev is still in the house, but has been banished to the basement.

    Earlier in the week, Britney had posted a poem on her website entitled Remembrance Of Who I Am, with the lines:

    "No more chains that you gave me. My crown is back and it's way too high for you to be in my presence, especially my son."

    If Kevin is not out of the house - it appears he may be close.

    --Tina Sims
  2. I think she would have an easier time being a single mom, than to be saddled with someone like Kfed.
  3. This is true. As much as people have criticized her (me included), I think she is a good person inside. I hope maybe she can find someone better than that loser.
  4. I hope it's not just a rumor. She needs to dump him. She'll be so much better without him.
  5. Man, Federline should be kicked to the curb SO fast! When will Britney realize this?! He's a total scumbag. Ugh. Just looking at him makes me feel nasty.
  6. Save Britney
  7. OK! Magazine: Pop princess Britney Spears is reportedly having an affair with her pop producer Jonathan 'JR' Rotem. Rotem, who recently scored a number one hit with a song he produced for Rihanna S.O.S, has been "hard at work" with Britney over the past few weeks. Now it appears that they have definately been hard at work in the studio, but not in the way originally thought! Britney is even considering getting a paternity test once her baby is born later this year because she may be unsure of the father. A friend close to Spears said last night, "Britney is terrified. She doesn't want Kevin or her mom to find out. She's been really unhappy with Kevin recently." This comes as another blow to Spears, 24, who last week almost dropped her tot on the street. Britney married backup dancer Kevin Federline in September 2004. They already have a son, 9 month old Sean Preston, together.
  8. I whole-heartedly agree....~!!
  9. Oh, Bit-Bit. She should have listened to her mother and never gotten together with K-Fed in the first place.
  10. And the plot thickens.
  11. there is HOPE for the second child that it might not have Kfed as a father! The guy makes me feel like I need a shower. He's just gross. She seems to be a bit on the trashy side, too, but he's just nasty.
  12. Oh yeah, I saw something on VH1 a while back talking about how KFed didnt want Britney at his little Popozao premiere crap or whatever because he didnt want her stealing the spotlight. Wow. If that was the case - what a jerk.
  13. ^^ Wouldn't surprise me - he's a complete a**. I really hope this is true - she needs to throw his butt out! Even as trashy as she is sometimes she deserves better than this creep. :sick:
  14. She totally needs to dump him. As far as the baby goes I definatley think it was wrong of her to drive with him on her lap. But as far as everything else, if someone was always following you and taking pictures of you with your baby there are bound to be a few times where accidents happen.I honestly think she is a good mother and a good person.
  15. Yea, there is no point having another "kid" (K-Fed) to look after. Especially a troubled LOSER!