more boot help

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  1. Hey, guys!

    So, I'm trying to find a good, comfy pair of boots. It's so hard for me to find a good pair. I of course like to tuck my jeans into them, but my calves are muscular and hard to tuck my jeans into them comfortably. So, do any of you know where I could get a cute, comfy, looser-fitting pair of boots?
  2. The Fiorentini + Baker "BI-08" boots have three adjustable buckles, and are also quite cool because the boot shafts/spats can come off and become ankle boots!

    Also, just to mention - Hunter makes great rainboots for those with larger calves; for the longest time I couldn't find good rainboots that didn't suffocate my calves. But, because Hunter wellies are unisex, the boot is a perfect size.
  3. thanks so much for your help!!