More BNY '07 PICTURES City with regular hardware now in


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Aug 8, 2006
Ok here is an email that my mom just got from Daphne at BNY. About an hour ago she spoke with Daphne and there was an email sent. She told me and I have been bugging her for the past hours because the email didn't come through. :P I just got a call that said check your email and here it is... whew tired of waiting.
A little info. She said the cafe is really pretty and not like truffle. It is a deep rich brown with reddish tones. She also said that the vermillion is more of a true red than the rouge vif??? Not more orange, just more of a clear, saturated, true red.

Anyway the pictures of the Seagreen are so weird!! It looks like a stick of
wintergreen gum, that's the best way to describe it.
I also have the Vermillion City, and the French Blue City, and the Grass
Green City, I will photograph those ALSO the Cafe City, which is SUCH a
nice brown. So far though, with the exception of the grass green first,
only Citys have been unpacked in the Classic (non-giant) styles.
So here are some more photos of what we have so far.



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:drool: oh my GAWD, that GREEN!!! :heart:

And the bleu de France is just as bright as I anticipated!! :heart: ****damnmotherfucker...and I'm on a purse ban until March!! arrrgh! Thanks PowderPuff for the pics!
Here is a closeup of the Cafe. Has anyone seen this one? She said this one is really pretty, a deep rich brown with red tones, now I am curious!:graucho:



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