More Birkin expertise needed, pretty please...

  1. Okay so I am trying to visit my local H store often in hopes that one day (soon) I will luck out and get my dream birkin. The SA said that they have birkins quite often and I just have to keep stopping by. My questions is does anyone know if they get new shipments in everyday? What time is best to go in? Should I wait until the afternoon so that that day's shipment has already been open?
    Any tips? TIA!!!!
  2. They do not get shipments everyday of bags. My understanding is that new bags come once a month. I would suggest visiting midday.
  3. You just really never know. This is also complicated because not all SA's in the store seem to know the inventory. If you ask one, you may be told "no, no Birkins/Kellys today" and yet another SA will say "just a minute" and disappear into the back to bring out something. Your best bet is to have a relationship with a specific SA and feel your way from there.